Gotham City Yellow Pages

Gotham City Police Headquarters- Police Headquarters is the central staging point for all Gotham City Police activity. Running the show are Commissioner Gordon and Police Chief O'Hara. Once Batman is contacted via the Batphone, it is here the Dynamic Duo first go in order to learn about the latest villainy. The building itself is quite attractive, with a karoba marble statue of Lady Justice near the side entrance. This is also where patrol cars are sometimes left unattended with the keys inside, perhaps to speed emergency calls.

Gotham City Jail- Located on the ground floor of Police Headquarters, the ciy jail is a lock up for petty crooks only.

Woodrow Roosevelt High- A Gotham City high school, home to the high school basketball champions. Dick Grayson is the Student Council President and A.P Schoolfield is the principal.

Maison de Magda- Hat shop for Gotham's high society.

Gotham City Millionaires Club- Exclusive club for Gotham City elite. Though little is known about the interior, we do know it has a large sauna.

Morganbilt Library- "A storehouse of literary treasures", the Morganbilt library is under tight security. Around criminal circles it is known to be completely impregnable. This did not stop the notorious criminal Bookworm from trying to reap the library's many riches. He stole the Batmobile and made use of the Bat-beam to breach the walls. Fortunately, the Dynamic Duo stopped Bookworm before he could finish his dastardly deed.

Gotham City Library- This public library is the largest library in Gotham. Down in the basement is a safe in which the library keeps it's most precious literary treasures. The Baker Street branch of the library is closed on Wednesdays due to insufficient funds, a travesty in the eyes of Batman.

Winnie Coto Country Club- Elite country club featuring 18 hole golf course. Among its illustrious membership are Prescott Belmont and Mayor Linseed. The Lower Terrace of the club's main house overlooks the fairway.

Gotham City Central Station- Gotham's train station, home to the L. Chief, the train which carried movie stars to their desired destinations. The L. Chief is currently out of service.

Wayne Steamship Company- The SS Gotham Neptune is the flagship of this company. The boat, itself has been described as 'gaudy' by less refined members of Gotham society.

Gotham State Penitentiary-The State Penn is where all of Gotham's master criminals reside once caught by the Caped Crusaders. Warden Crichton runs the institution and has implemented a rehabilitation program, the methods of which are at times questionable. As he explains to newly incarcerated criminals, "Our job at Gotham State Penitentiary isn't to punish you, but help you become useful citizens again". Apparently, the institution has "the best chow in the penal system". It also has a Special Archcriminal Wing, so it's easier to keep an eye on them all.

Elements of the rehabilitation program:

Lacey's Department Store- "The place to go when you just don't know".

Glob's Drugstore- "Where show business greats spend their unemployment checks". Glob's is also where you will find Jack O'Shea, the famous gossip columnist. His office is the third phone booth in the drugstore.

Gotham State Building- Standing at a glorious 102 stories, the Gotham State Building is the highest peak in Gotham City. The penthouse located on the top floor was at one time rented by Gotham millionaire Zubin Zucchini. The 102nd floor is the only place in Gotham with the proper humidity and altitude in which he could display his antique Stratavarius violins.

Harry Hammert's- "A veritible treasure house among jewellers catering to the Gotham City elite". Hammert's specializes in diamond merchandise though other exquisite pieces can be found in the antique shop. Hammert's regularly buys pieces of fine antique art from Parkhurst Galleries. The owners of each are good friends.

Dunbar's Drive-in- A popular fast food drive-in. Batman and Robin paid the establishment a visit, looking for Thelma Timepiece, former associate of Clock King. One of the highlights on Dunbar's menu is the 'bat-burger'. Batma remarked he was honoured by the tribute.

City Hall- a tourist attraction for its many curios and trophies on current display. The most priceless possession in the collection is the Gotham City Charter which among other things details the terms of the lease of Gotham City from the Mochican Indians.

Screaming Chicken Roadside Teepee- The home and business of Chief Screaming Chicken, the last of the Mochicans. Patrons can buy blankets, souvenirs, tacos, pizza and blintzes.

J. Pauline Spaghetti Island- the site of J. Pauline Spaghetti's first noodle factory, a simple little shack located on the far end of the island. At that time, she evem raised her own wheat. In the present, a large modern noodle factory is located on the island. All four of J. Pauline Spaghetti's husbands died in this factory, victims of gruesome industrial accidents.

J. Pauline Spaghetti Hotel- Posh hotel owned by the noodle billionaire of the same name. She owns a penthouse in the hotel.

Morpheus Mattresses- a matress dealership with the questionable slogan of "Like sleeping on a zephyr".

Wayne Station- the main station for the Gotham City Subway system.

Bernie's Chicken Farm- one of only three egg farms in Gotham City, Bernie's produces only brown triple A eggs.

Paul's Poultry Palace- the smallest of the three egg farms in Gotham. The Poultry Palace has only eight hens and one rooster. It's a very small company despite the grand name.

Old MacDonald's Chicken Farm- the largest and best of the egg farms in Gotham, Old MacDonald's produces only grade triple A white eggs. Due to this fact, Egghead made this chicken farm his last stop before leaving Gotham with the $29 million he and his cohorts managed to steal from the Gotham Treasury. You see, Egghead only eats grade triple A white eggs and needed to pack some for his trip. Unfortunately, Batman knew the details of Egghead's diet and caught up to him. In the ensuing brawl, hundreds of eggs were broken. Batman told Old MacDonald he would be reinbursed for the damage at current market value.

Frosty Freezies Factory- adjoining the Cold Storage Plant, now out of business. When in operation, the factory made frosty freezies of many flavors, including lemon-lime, orange, raspberry, pineapple, graps, mint, and strawberry.

V Magnum Diamonds- an upscale store from which Marsha stole the Pretzel Diamond, with the help of Chief O'Hara.

KGC Radio- where Hotrod Harry works as a disc jockey. The current #3 on the survey is "Desert Sands" by Lawrence and the Arabians.

Laughing Leo's Used Cars- where you can buy used cars and trucks, located at Serve Avenue and 20th Street.

Adobe Hacienda Motel & Eats- located on the inbound state highway. Known to serve the best chile & avocado dip in Gotham City.

Gotham City Stockyards- provides lots of room for cows. Also, the only place where you can find the KO Corral.

Mount Ararat Hospital- where King Tut often went to receive psychiatric counselling.

Rosetta Stone Company- manufacturers of cornerstones, curbstones, cobblestones, and milestones. Located at 328 Kangaroo Court.

Russell Arms Apartments- home of the Kitten family.

The Gotham Arms- known around town as the 'skyhigh Gotham Arms', one of the tallest buildings in Gotham City.

Knab Aircraft- one of the many businesses owned by entrepreneur Artemis Knab. It is run out of a hangar at Gotham City Airport.

Harry's Hair Lair- they provide the finest wigs in Gotham City. The success of his store has made Harry a member of high society. He and Bruce Wayne belong to the same golf club.

Manufacturing Jewellry & Designers- famous Gotham shop, where until recently you could purchase "The Twins" and the "Duran Golden Scorpion", until they were stolen by Joker and his accomplice, Venus.

The Platter-Porium- all-around music store, where Gothamites can buy records and lots of musical instruments. They offer bongo sessions every Sunday. It was once used by Joker as a hideout.

Gotham City Reservoir- where all of Gotham City's water is kept. Joker has been able to add his own toxins to the water supply twice, yet no increase in security has been instituted as of yet.

KGC TV- one of the most popular shows is Henry Upps' morning show. Recent guests include Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson.

Duncan Dance Studios- tangos our specialty! Located at 3741 Laurel Avenue. Their motto is 'Walk in - Waltz out'. They hold bongo sessions every Sunday. The studio was recently a hideout for Catwoman.

Mr. Oceanbring's Salon for Men- world famous men's hair stylist, located on Pickford Street. Almost every rock and roll star has their hair done there. And any one of those stars can tell you that he has three hair dryers in his salon.

Bon Bon's Box Boutique- sells all sorts of empty boxes, they have a very large hat box collection that was recently stolen by the Mad Hatter.

Gotham City Atomic Energy Laboratory- where highly important scientific research is carried out by Professor Overbeck.

Gotham Towers West- where Gotham City's Annual Charity Headdress Ball is held in the Top Hat Room on the top floor. The International Stamp Exhibition was recently held in the Constellation Room.

the Old Lake Street Reservoir- was recently drained and turned into a housing project.

Gotham City Film Decency League- led by Aunt Harriet, they are concerned with making sure no movies are shot in the city that are unfit for the eyes of children.

The Hexagon- national center of defense. The building contains many top secret specifications and charts, which are stored in Room Z, which can be accessed only by going through Room X and then Room Y.

Jolly Jim's Scrap Metal- will haul away any trash for five dollars and compress it in their hydraulic scrap crusher.

Federal Sub-Treasury Building- one of the country's gold storage facilities. They currently have approximately ten million dollars worth stored.

Aaron Burr High School- recently had Robin speak at their graduation.

Gedallian Embassy- where Prince Ebun Kereb stays when he's in town. Located near the corner of Avenue Ave. and Second St.

Gotham Plaza Hotel- recent events held here include Batman's anniversary party.

Gotham City Dairymen's League- donated $200,000 to charity in honor of Batman's anniversary.

Gotham City Herald- publishes two editions each day. Well known for its puzzle page.

Sons of Balboa- some sort of organization, they recently donated $100,000 for Batman's anniversary party.

Gotham City Bank- located on Matron Lane, they have an underground vault for added security.

Gotham City Science Institute- an elite meeting place for brilliant minds. Until recently, a high school education was required to join, but Bruce Wayne convinced them to lower the requirements.

Gotham City Baker's Guild- prepared a giant cake to celebrate Batman's one year anniversary of crimefighting.

The Eyrie- a favoured watering place for Gotham City's elite. It is located atop the Gotham City State Building.

Gotham City National Bank- was once infiltrated by Joker's robot tellers after he became the vice chairman. Their vault was later used to store a huge gift of frozen caviar. The bank's head office is located in a nearby skyscraper.

Happy Acres- Gotham City's mental hospital.

Gotham City Times- well-known for its society page.

Feline Fur Salon- on Avenue of the Armenias.

Forever Jewel Company- holding this year's showing of the Batagonian Cat's Eye Opals.

Gotham City Chimes Building- overlooks Chimes Square.

French Freddy's Fencing Academy- offer rapier, saber, and cutlass lessons.

Sherlock Holmes Real Estate Development- located in suburban Norchester.

Pink Chips Stamp Factory- started by the late Pinkus Pinston, rumored to be the owner of the legendary Gotham Gothic stamp.

The Camelia Room- popular dining room in the Gotham Hampshire Hotel. At times they hold lingerie showings for the patrons during dinner.

American Bank- first target of Black Widow in her recent crime spree.

Beneficial Bank- second bank robbed by Black Widow.

Commercial Bank- Black Widow's third target.

Diversified Bank- fourth on Black Widow's list.

Empire Bank- number five.

Federal State Bank- Black Widow's sixth bank of the day.

Gotham General Bank & Trust- Black Widow's final target, where Batman and Robin set a trap for her. They realized she was robbing them in alphabetical order.

Black Widow Lingerie- the Batcomputer suggested this shop as a possible hideout for Black Widow.

Black Widow Weeds Removal Service- the Batcomputer suggested this shop as a possible hideout for Black Widow.

Black Widow Blacktop Company- the Batcomputer suggested this shop as a possible hideout for Black Widow.

Black, Widow, & Black - Attorneys- the Batcomputer suggested this shop as a possible hideout for Black Widow.

Heritage First National Bank and Trust- just opened.

Burma Import Company- was recently bombed and robbed by the villainous Chandell.

Gotham Towers- upscale apartment complex.

Franchin's Fancy Fur Salon- offer a wide variety of animal furs, even the most expensive species.

Keyborne Bookstore- Joker broke into the building and destroyed many valuable books.

Keynote Music Shop- Joker continued his rampage here, breaking several records.

Sacred Precints of the Ultra-Conservative Gotham City Key Club- Joker once entered the building and set fire to important files.

Keystone Building- Joker vandalized their sign during his key-themed crime spree.

The Locker Room- English grill, known for their superb stewed pudding.

Oasis Hotel- recent guests include the middle eastern pantomimist Fouad Sphinx.

Gotham City Art News- local magazine.

The Grotto Arms- a very fancy hotel.

Wayne Foundation Building- headquarters of the philanthropic institute. Bruce Wayne has a private office here, complete with a private elevator. Much important work goes on here, there is an entire wing devoted to metals research.

Glu Gluten's Glue Factory- want you to know that they no longer use horses' hooves to make glue. Except in emergencies.

Andrew's Hockey Puck Factory- located on West 20th. One of the locations that King Tut "predicted" would be robbed.

Gotham City Radium Centre- where large quantities of radium are stored. Sometimes when they are moved, the Bat-computer goes on the fritz.

Hang 5- a surf shop and eatery on Gotham Point beach. Run by onetime surfing great Hot Dog Harrigan.

le Maison du Chat- a flashy dining place for those involved in Gotham's fashion scene.

Fashionation Magazine- their offices also hold a showroom for fashion shows.

Lo Hung Company- makers of egg drop soup.

Cane's Candy Company- makers of chocolate eggs.

Gotham Astoria- where a luncheon was held in honor of Commissioner Gordon's twenty-five years of service.

State Employment Office- helps Gotham's unemployed find work in the city.

United States Mint, Gotham City Branch- keep stores of green ink and paper for producing money.

Gotham General Hospital- where dedicated doctors work and important vaccines are stored.

Gotham City Apartments- spacious living for those who enjoy the sounds of the city.

Gotham Water Works- where the city's water is purified. Alfred's cousin, Egbert, worked there as a security guard, but took money from the Joker to let him in.

Gotham City British Consul Center- where the British ambassador stays while in Gotham City.

Peter's Guns & Ammo- they advertise 'everything for firearms enthusiasts' and it seems to be true. Shame was certainly not disappointed when he went in to check out their merchandise.

Green Grocer's- the unfortunate owner at one time fell prey to a bunko artist.

Spiffany's Jewelry Store- located on fashionable 5th Avenue and home of the Fabulous Mope Diamond.

Gotham City Alchemical Bank & Trust Company- on Astral Avenue, but beware, they pay no interest whatsoever.

What A Way To Go-Go- the city's newest discotheque, and already a favourite hangout of high society. Located at 222 Glover Avenue.

Old Turtle Mill- can be found outside the city, on Orleans Cove.

House of Ali Baba- a great place to shop for fine jewels and watches.

Pelican Arms- a famous hotel. Also a good place to spot celebrities, such as recent client and starlet Dawn Robbins.

Stonewin's Salon- their most recent treasure on display was the 'Star of Samarkand.'

Gotham City Ice Skating Rink- was recently attacked and melted by Mr. Freeze.

Gotham City Eagles- the hometown baseball team.

Gotham City Diamond Exchange- currently showing the Star of Kashmir diamond.

Trieste Jewellers- located at 52nd and Avenue Peace. Their latest acquisition is the Marie Antoinette Tiara.

Gotham City Hotel- has a world-famous royal suite, located on the second floor.

Gotham City Hospital- where experimental temperature-control techniques were perfected to revive victims of Mr. Freeze's freeze-gun.

Last Longer Warehouse- excellent storage facilities.

Gotham City Shipbuilding Company- just launched their crowning achievement, the S.S. Gotham.

Royal Mushroom Club- a very high-class club, with one of the finest wine cellars in the city.

Gotham City Water & Power Plant- on the east side of the river near Cartridge Road. It is not obselete and unused.

Gotham City Radio
Gotham Sporting Goods Shop
Northrup Book Shop
Official Bank Note Printing Company
Ladd Armored Car Company
Kats, Katz, Katz and Company, Fine Refiners
Gotham City State Bank
Mother Gotham's Bakery
Gotham Lumber Yard
The Chessman Building
Smith, Smith and Schmidt Stockbrokers
Bijou Theatre
Trojan Horse Trucking Company
Gotham City Institute of Technology
Gotham City Stock Exchange
Gotham City Security Trust
Gotham Treasury
Gotham City Airport
Stay-Dry Umbrellas
Gotham City Fire Department
Basin Street Hotel
Gotham Square Park
Gotham City State Building
Gotham Hampshire Hotel
GTZR Radio
Gotham West Hotel

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