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Many years ago, during a time when America was still a British colony, Gotham City was founded by three families who landed at Gotham Rock. These colonials were the Savages, Tylers and Waynes. The original land was leased from the Mochican Indians for the price of nine raccoon pelts. Every five years, the lease has to be renewed, as agreed upon by both parties in the Gotham City Charter. Since the original members have long since passed on, its up to the descendants of the three families and the Mochicans to come together to renew the lease. If the lease is not renewed on time, the land is given back to the Mochican's or their legal representatives.

Stately Wayne Manor- The residence of millionaire Bruce Wayne and his youthful ward Dick Grayson. Grayson's Aunt Harriet is also a residence as is Alfred, the loyal butler. Stately Wayne Manor is located approximately 14 miles outside of Gotham City. And of course, beneath the manor is a network of caves which serves at the Batcave. At last count, the house contains fourteen bathrooms and eighteen bedrooms. Young Dick Grayson maintains a darkroom somewhere in the house. It is known to very few that $200,000 in housekeeping money is kept in a wall safe in the living room.

Gotham Amusement Pier- A carnival located somewhere along the 146 miles of Gotham's waterfront, complete with rides, games, and other various attractions. Was once rented by Gotham City's millionaires to hold a party in Penquin's honor.

Wayne Memorial Clock Tower- Dedicated to the city in memory of Bruce Wayne's father. The clock within the tower is referred to as Big Benjamin.

Amerigold Columbus Bridge- The newest bridge in Gotham City and deemed the "mightiest bridge in the world." Whether this is a true statement or simple Gothamite pride is not known.

Madame Soleil's Wax Museum- One of Gotham City's many museums, this one featuring life-like wax statues. The newest addition, a wax figure of Batman, was imported from Paris, France. But, alas, it was stolen by the Riddler and melted down before any anxious Gothamites could view it.

Gotham City Museum- An Egyptian exhibition is among this museum's many exhibits. In the basement of the building, is a collection of Medeval torture devices and jailor equipment.The front grounds of the museum displays a lion fountain. Bruce Wayne is a member of the Board of Trustees for the museum, the Treasurer in fact.

Gotham City Central Park- "Noble sanctuary of nature in the midst of the teeming metropolis."

Washington Centre- "Gotham City's new palace of arts". Recently held a silent film festival.

Parkhurst Galleries- This art gallery is known for "exhibitions and auctions of art which have stood the test of time". Unfortunately, due to outside pressures, this fine gallery held a pop-art exhibition which was a drew much public and media attention. It was during this exhibition, the infamous Clock King paid a visit in the disguise of a pop-artist and attempted to steal a piece of antique art.

Tyler Stadium- the homefield of the baseball team owned by Tim Tyler.

Gotham City Speedway- where the Gotham City 100 and the Gotham City Grand Prix are held. Largest speedway in the state, seating 40,000 people.

Gotham City Coliseum- where the Gotham City Rodeo is held every year. This year the rodeo features the Black Anguses, famous prize-winning cows worth $300,000 each.

White's Pond- an excellent fishing spot, well liked by Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson.

Gotham Arts Centre- recently had a showing of the Golden Buddha of Bergama.

Spring Street Aquarium- was a favorite of Gotham City schoolchildren until they ran out of fish.

Wayne Animal Sanctuary- when the weather is fitting, they offer open bus tours.

Gotham City Museum of Antiquities- one of there many prize exhibits is a collection of 15th century chain mail armor.

Gotham City Bridge- this marvel of engineering spans the West River, providing easy access to the city of New Guernsey.

West River- separates Gotham City from New Guernsey.

Coley Square- a memorial to the great Marshall Coley, with a statue of him in the center of the park.

Gotham City Library- workplace of Barbara Gordon. They have many rare books for your enjoyment.

Gotham City University- reknowned place of learning. It has a statue of Batman in the basement, perhaps to inspire its students to greatness.

Chimes Square- very large gathering place, located on Gotham City White Way.

Gotham City Square Gardens- recently held a prize cat show. Also the home of local boxing.

Spayed Stadium- where many large concerts are held. The Lions & the Tigers recently performed.

Gotham Town Hall- famed pianist Chandell recently performed here.

The Follies- presumable a place where men can go to be entertained. One of the most famous performers is Miss Tassles LaVerne.

Gotham City Museum- has a well-stocked Egyptology department.

Bernie Park's Artistic Procurers- a showroom for works of local painters as well as classic pieces.

Gotham City Art Center- recently held the Gotham City International Art Contest that was won by Joker.

S.S. Gotham Queen- local luxury liner. You can spot many a celebrity on board.

Gotham City Harbour- a good spot to watch the ships come in, or simply enjoy the sounds of the water. Never freezes over, except once when Mr. Freeze collected icebergs into the harbour.

Gotham Park Racetrack- where the annual Bruce Wayne Handicap is held.

Gotham City Soccer Stadium- Batman and Robin narrowly stopped a robbery here after being warned by King Tut.

Pelican Cove- a smaller beach just north of Gotham Point

Bessarovian Embassy- where you can view the Brass Samuvar of Genghis Khan.

Gotham City Museum of Natural History- has a large paleontology exhibit, including a rare neosaurus egg.

Gotham Point- a popular surfers' hangout during the summer months.

Phony Island- at the southern tip of Gotham City

Phony Island Lighthouse- run by Mr. and Mrs. Keeper, though not very well. It has been the site of several shipwrecks.

Gotham City Zoo- many exotic animals are kept here, including muskrats and muskdeer.

Ambergreas Bay- a meeting place for Gotham City boaters. Millionaire Bruce Wayne has a summer home there.

Gotham City Opera House- a place of culture that often attracts the world's greatest singers to its playbill.

Gotham City World's Fair- now closed, but has yet to be taken down. Batman and Shame once had a showdown in the Central American pavilion. The Moldavian Pavilion once showcased the famous Mammoth of Moldavia.

Peale Art Gallery- a storehouse of priceless art treasures. It is owned by the Gideon Peale Company. Riddler lured Batman here and then filed a lawsuit claiming false arrest.

Coolidge Square Station- one of the hubs of downtown Gotham. The 10th Street subway line runs through it.

Gotham Square- a relaxing place to spend an afternoon. Be sure to see the famous statue of George Washington.

Gotham City Museum of Modern Art- contains a Comedians Hall of Fame and a Hall of Fabulous Jewels, among many others.

Gotham City Opera Company- their recent performance of Pagliacci was disrupted by the Joker, who sang the part quite well.

Queen of Freedom Monument- somewhat resembles the Statue of Liberty. It houses the Museum of Fame inside the giant torch being held aloft by the queen.

Gotham Convention Hall
Gotham City Art Museum
Gotham City Exhibit Hall
Abandoned Navy Recreation Center
Jefferson Square Park
Murray Park
Gotham Ball Park
Gotham Park Lake

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