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Superintendent Watson- Watson is the head of venerable Ireland Yard in Londinium. When faced with seemingly unstoppable super-criminals, he requested Batman's aid through the Prime Minister. His office is strikingly similar to that of Commissioner Gordon, both in layout and decor.

Cuthbert- Alfred Pennyworth's second cousin, currently residing in Londinium. He works as a cabbie, and was happy to lend Alfred his cab when he visited.

Lady Easterland- one of Londinium's upper class, she was one of the first victims of Londinium's recent crime spree.

Count of Claremont- the owner of a famous coin collection that was stolen by Lord Ffogg.

Duchess of Desborough- another victim of Lord Ffogg, she was robbed of some diamonds.


Chuckingham Palace- home of their beloved Queen. A spectacular sight that any visitor must see.

Ireland Yard- always referred to as Venerable Ireland Yard by those who respect the law, this the headquarters of Londinium's honorable police force. Unforunately, they seem to be as helpless as their American counterparts when it comes to stopping super-criminals.

Easterland House- home of Lady Easterland, where she keeps her priceless jewelled Russian Easter eggs.

Tower of Londinium- where the famous Crown Jewels are kept behind bars and under the guard of two beefeaters.

Barnaby Street- famous area for shopping in Londinium's downtown. Unfortunately for some old doffers, it is now mostly run over by the "mod" set.

The Three Bells- a well-known pub on Barnaby Street, in the dock area. Usually filled with a peculiar mix of hippies and cut-throats.

Chez Shakespeare- a place of business on Barnaby Street.

The Tower Bridge- one end is anchored in the Tower of Londinium, which houses the world's largest winch, needed to lift the bridge for naval traffic.

The Londinium House- a fashionable hotel.

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