Gotham City Residents

Warden Crichton- Mister Crichton is the warden of Gotham State Penitentiary. An afternoon nap in a bed in his office (which is decorated to give a warm sense of home) is a regular part of his daily routine.

Miss Bonnie Williams- Commissioner Gordon's faithful secretary. Whenever Gordon needs something, he gives her a buzz on the intercom. She sometimes hand-delivers messages to Gordon or to the Caped Crusader should they be present.

Babette- A somewhat ditsy hat-check girl at the Gotham Convention Hall during the Fire Chief's convention.

Octave Marbot- A simple sculptor who was commissioned by Warden Crichton to sculpt the image of Batman. He was particularly pleased with his representation of Batman's head.

Principal A.P Schoolfield- The principal of Woodrow Roosevelt High School. He speaks fondly of Dick Grayson.

Mr. Leo Gore- Program Manager of Gotham City Radio

Mr. Vandergilt- No title was given but he is obviously a man of some importance in Gotham City politics. He visits stately Wayne Manor every two years and implores Bruce to run for Mayor. Each year, Bruce Wayne declines.

Sophia Starr- "A beauteous queen of Gotham society", Miss Sophia Starr is among the city's elite. A single woman of considerable wealth, she was at one time engaged to the Penquin. Unfortunately, the proposal was just a ploy by the Penquin to steal the expensive wedding gifts given by Gotham City's millionaires. He left her at the altar.

Mister Andrews- The wealthy owner of the golden gilded cats upon which the map leading to Captain Manx's long lost treasure can be found. It is not known if Andrews knew about the map or not, but it is assumed he did not for he never sought the treasure himself. He is a cautious man who would never display the cats together in one place. That way, he would not lose both should there be a robbery. Despite this precaution, he lost both cats to Catwoman in two seperate robberies. The cats were eventually retrieved by Batman and Robin and returned to their owner.

Miss Prentice- She is the librarian of the Gotham City library. When Batman and Robin walked into the library one day, she got so excited she forgot all about the 'no talking' sign and had to be reminded by the Caped Crusader to speak quietly. Whenever a student checks out a book, she sternly reminds them, "No writing in the margins."

Prescott Belmont- The Belmonts are a family with a history in banking. Prescott, for instance, is the President of The Gotham City State Bank. He is also a member of the Winnie Coto Country Club.

Inspector Basch- He is one of Commissioner Gordon's top officers. He was often called into the office for consultation when the police received indication that a new crime spree was beginning. He was always in favor of calling Batman in for help.

Captain Courageous- He was part of the police exchange program, lent to the Gotham City PD from Los Angeles. His unfamiliarity with the city and lack of research was made painfully aware when he placed Batman under arrest. Commissioner Gordon later chastised him, but Batman was very understanding.

Governor Stonefellow- He rarely visits Gotham City, perhaps because he is confident that Commissioner Gordon, with the aid of Batman, can keep matters under control.

Mayor Linseed- Gotham's Mayor is very grateful for Batman's tireless work in Gotham City, he has commended him on several occasions. He rarely gets involved in police matters, only when disaster strikes and he is forced to demand a quick resolution from his police force. He makes frequent visits to the Asian front.

Judge Moot- A judge of the Gotham City court system, Moot believes "the Code of Law is a cornerstone of society". Having said this, on one occassion his judicial practices seemed questionable when he was impressed by Penquin's eloquence and granted him his freedom.

Andrew S. Kitten- This father of triplets was at one time Gotham City Father of the Year. He and his family live in the Russel Arms Apartments. The nefarious Catwoman stole three pairs of mittens from the Kitten household.

Captain Ahab- Though it is not known if this is his real name or not, Captain Ahab is the head of the White Whaling Company. He fondly remembers the day the Dynamic Duo strolled into his office and asked to borrow a couple of his fish nets. If you ask him, Ahab will gladly tell you how his fish nets saved the lives of Batman and Robin.

Zubin Zucchini- This Gotham City resident made his millions by cornering the sulphur market during the 1920's. He then expanded his wealth by establishing the Ruby Match Company. Current speculations state Zucchini is worth $18 million. Due to such wealth, Zucchini is chauffered around town in an armored truck. Mister Zucchini is the proud owner of two antique Stratavarius violins which he was going to sell to an interested buyer for $500,000. Catwoman had her eyes on the violins too and disguised herself as the buyer and tried to steal the $500,000 and the violins. Luckily, Batman and Robin foiled the plot.

Miss Minerva Matthews- A well known wealthy recluse who was interested in buying Zubin Zucchini's violins. Catwoman accosted Miss Matthews in her home and disguised herself in order to steal the violins and the $500,000 Miss Matthews was going to pay for the instruments.

Ralph Stofoloculous- He had been driving armored cars for four years when he was hired to drive Miss Minerva Matthews (actually Catwoman in disguise) to the Gotham State Building. He's raising three kids and studying to become an accountant at night classes. A very attractive man, he caught the fancy of Catwoman who was horribly disappointed to hear he already has a family.

Everett Bannister- Mister Bannister owns many of the candy machines found at various locations throughout Gotham City.

Marshall Roland- the Gotham City Commissioner in charge of poor people. He is an old fraternity brother of Police Commissioner Gordon, and at one time during his career was governor.

Harry Hammert- Owner of the Gotham City antique shop which bears his name. Good friend of Benson Parkhurst.

Benson Parkhurst- Owner of the famous Parkhurst Galleries, and friend of Harry Hammert. Mister Parkhurst was fortunate enough to see Batman's brilliant deductive mind at work when the Dynamic Duo visited his gallery. Benson was amazed how Batman could put clues together to further the investigation. Parkhurst admitted he would never have been able to figure it out.

Mrs. Frontonac- One of Gotham City's elite members of high society. A regular patron of Hammert's antique shop, she is partial to diamond jewelry.

Fred Forbes- A reporter for GC-TV, Forbes hosts the "What's New in Art" segment of the Gotham City report. He was on hand at Parkhurst Galleries when the Clock King made his appearance in the guise of a pop-artist.

Mister Smedley- the owner of Morpheus Mattresses.

Mister Tuthill- president of Gotham Security Trust

Reggie Dietrick- a rookie cop on the Gotham City Police Force and the partner of Officer Hogan. Early on in his career, Reggie wanted to write Batman up for two traffic violations despite his seasoned partner's assurances that Batman was one of the good guys. Reggie really gave Batman a hard time stating the Batmobile's registration was incomplete, the keys were left in the ignition and Batman failed to report a stolen vehicle. Reggie wanted to impound the car and run Batman in. Of course, through all of this Batman was very calm and cooperative though as the seconds passed Robin's life was in danger. Officer Hogan managed to talk Reggie out of his rash behavior, but it wasn't easy.

Officer Hogan- a seasoned police officer on the Gotham City Police Force. His rookie partner, Reggie wanted to write Batman tickets for numerous traffic violations. Hogan managed to convince Reggie otherwise, telling his partner he had a lot to learn about Gotham.

Police Woman Mooney- officer Mooney was an undercover agent who infiltrated Catwoman's gang as 'Catarina'. Just as Mooney was reporting to Commissioner Gordon via hidden microphone that Catwoman had teamed up with the notorious European criminal Sandman, her cover was blown. Catwoman tossed her inside a giant maze where she wandered until she was later joined by Robin, also a captive of Catwoman. Batman eventually found and freed them both.

Peter Savage- the descendant of the Savage family, one of three families who founded Gotham City. Due to his lineage, he was kidnapped by the villain Egghead who hoped to disrupt the renewal of the Gotham City lease with the Mochicans so he himself could get ownership of the city.

He spends most of his time in Paris (so much that he has a French accent) for he is a patron of the arts. However, he gladly returns to Gotham every five years for the renewal of the lease ceremony.

Tim Tyler- the descendant of the Tyler family, one of three families who founded Gotham City. Like Peter Savage, he too was kidnapped by Egghead. Tim lives in Gotham and owns Tyler Stadium, the homefield of his Major League baseball team.

Brook Cortland- President of the Gotham City Stock Exchange. In times of crisis he displayed absolute faith in Batman and Robin when other members of the exchange were willing to bow down to Minstrel.

Mister Putnam- He is in charge of the transmission room of the stock exchange.

J. Pauline Spaghetti- A Gotham City billionaire who made her fortune in noodles, J. Pauline is one of the richest women in the world. Her business' humble beginning originated on a tiny island where she raised her own wheat and made noodles in a small shack. A very large noodle factory now stands on the island which has been suitably named J. Pauline Spaghetti Island.

She has been married four times. Coincidentialy, all of her husbads died in the factory on the island, victims of industrial accidents. Her first husband J. Peter Spaghetti fell into a kneading machine. J. Phineous Spaghetti rode a pasta tray into the ovens. J. Patrick Spaghetti was cut to pieces by revolving knives. Her fourth and last husand, J. Paul Spaghetti, stumbled into a steam cylinder. Apparently, he expanded to three times his size, but was not at all pasty.

J. Pauline was about to be married a fifth time, to her doctor who was helping her get over her insomnia. She had been an insomniac since she made her second billion. The last bit of shut eye she got was seven years ago during a rock concert. She has searched the world over for a cure without luck. That is until Dr. Somnombula arrived in Gotham.

She called Dr. Somnombula her savior and was so grateful for his help, she had fallen in love and together they eloped. They had planned a wedding on J. Pauline Spaghetti Island but Batman and Robin showed up and stopped the ceremony before it could even begin.

Little did she know, Dr. Somnombula was in fact the notorious criminal Sandman. He was only interested in her millions. Batman and Robin ended his scheme and put him behind bars. During the fight between the Dynamic Duo and Sandman and his henchmen, J Pauline fell into a restful sleep.

Old MacDonald- the owner of Old MacDonald's Chicken Farm. For an old codger he was pretty hostile toward Egghead when the criminal came to steal his eggs.

Nellie Majors- works for the Gotham City Herald, she will sometimes slightly exaggerate the facts to make a story interesting and outsell Gotham's many other publications. Batman is sometimes the subject of these stories, but he forgives her, realizing she's only doing her job.

Miss Iceland- one of the five finalists in the Gotham City Miss Galaxy Contest, she was abducted by Mr. Freeze, who was infatuated with her, apparently because of her place of origin. He planned to reduce her body temperature to below freezing so she would fall in love with him, but Batman and Robin were able to save her just as her body was solidifying.

Linda Linseed- wife of Mayor Linseed. At one time she was a follower of Nora Clavicle.

Miss Gotham City- one of the five finalists in the Gotham City Miss Galaxy Contest. Her real name was not revealed during the contest.

O'Toole, O'Rourke, Goldberg, O'Leary- Gotham City police officers.

Grimaldi Smith- Famous driver, known as 'dean of America's drivers'.

Hotrod Harry- works at KGC, where he's known as 'dean of Gotham City's disc jockeys'. He reportedly knows everything there is to know about cars, though he will admit that Laughing Leo knows more than he in dire circumstances.

Colonel Klink- came to the Gotham City Coliseum looking for an underground agent. Oddly, he is on good terms with Batman and Robin.

Doctor Denton- doctor of psychiatry. He sometimes served as King Tut's psychoanalyst, though he often fell asleep during sessions.

Manny the Mesopotamian- an unscrupulous real estate broker. In order to make deals, he would sometimes cut the price of a lot by 10% and reduce his commission. If asked about this behavious, he was known to comment, "It's legal, but it ain't moral."

H. L. Hunter- a mining foreman. He seemed to be an honest man, but he did perform the slant-mining into an adjoining property as King Tut requested. When interrogated by Batman, he begged to be forgiven and ran off.

Artemis Knab- one of the world's richest men (it is worth noting that his name spelled backwards reads 'Bank'). He has an aviation monopoly, a movie studio monopoly, a stock market monopoly, an airplane monopoly, and a ship building monopoly. Not surprisingly, he also enjoys playing Monopoly. The phone in his penthouse apartment in the Gotham Arms is constantly ringing, his stock brokers always asking him whether they should buy or sell. He entered into a business arrangement with Puzzler to manufacture puzzle balloons. The partnership ended when Puzzler's assistant, Rocket, slipped a sleep-inducing liquid into his drink while pretending to audition for a role in one of his movies.

Santa Claus- Well, you all know this guy. What you didn't know was that even he didn't know the location of the Batcave. So, he travelled to Gotham City to ask Batman and Robin where it was, so that he could leave them some presents on Christmas morning.

Pengerton & Burns- security guards

Leo Crustash- the famous operatic star. He is known to be very protective of his voice. He also has incredible powers of concentration, as seen when his performance was interrupted by an attack by Joker yet he hardly even noticed. He was kidnapped for a short time, as part of the Zodiac Crimes (because his name corresponded to two symbols, Leo and Cancer). But he was soon rescued by Batman and Robin.

Basil Bowman- a millionaire friend of Bruce Wayne.

The International Society of Zoologists- have a chapter in Gotham City. They care greatly for rare specimens, but oddly enough, they recently displayed the only two specimens of palaremes demnes in a park fountain. They have no love for goldfish, though, they find them hideous.

Doctor Gorley- a member of the Gotham City chapter of the International Society of Zoologists.

Henry Upps- has his own morning show on KGC TV. His voice was recently stolen by Catwoman, but luckily it was soon returned to him.

Allan Stevens- hosts a talk show on KGC TV. Recent guests include Batman and Robin themselves.

Sir Sterling Habit- British consular, presently stationed in Gotham at the British Consul Center. He bears an incredible resemblance to Superintendent Watson of venerable Scotland Yard. When Catwoman held Chad and Jeremy's voices for ransom, he communicated her demands back to England. He was not terribly displeased when the Queen refused to pay, he was never a big fan of theirs anyway.

Red- butler to Sir Sterling Habit of England.

Professor Overbeck- recently relocated to Gotham City from his home country Germany. He now works at the Gotham City Atomic Energy Laboratory, where he received a large donation from the Wayne Foundation to help him continue his important research. While receiving his grant, he enjoyed Aunt Harriet's strudel.

Hatty Hatfield- head of the Gotham City Annual Charity Headdress Ball, she is also the current grand-dame of local society. She is the owner of the famous Hatfield Ruby, which she wears prominently in her headdress when attending the yearly function.

Otto Puffendorfer- Professor Overbeck's assistant at the GCAEL, ever since they worked together in a tiny lab in the old country.

Jennings- doorman at the Top Hat Room in the Gotham Towers West.

Mordy- cleaning woman at the GCAEL. She is also the wife of Alfred's cousin Egbert.

Mr. Tamber- works at the Gotham City Museum of Antiquities.

General MacGruder- stationed at the Hexagon building. He had the acting bug, and allowed Penguin to take advantage of him when he was filming a movie. Penguin claimed the general had a magnificent profile.

Major Beasley- stationed at the Hexagon building, under General MacGruder. He was similarly flattered when Penguin offered him a five-year contract.

Pat Pending- the world's richest and cheapest inventor. He lives in a decrepit loft apartment in the tenth floor of a warehouse somewhere in Gotham City. He recently attempted to create a universal solvent and a perpetual motion machine.

Rudy- Pat Pending's loyal and sensible assistant.

Prince Ebun Kereb- Gedallian royalty. Each year at his weighing-in ceremony, he donates his weight in cash to his country's orphans.

Antony Aquila- exiled South American dictator. He resides in his palatial penthouse, remade to resemble his former plantation home. He always keeps one million dollars in cash in his wall safe.

Bud Furillo- a reporter for the Gotham City Herald.

Miranda Fleece- a wealthy and charitable young socialite, she once passed out fake hundred dollar bills to beggars unknowingly.

Mr. F. Flamm- Vice President of the Gotham City National Bank.

Miss Pruett- left her position at Gotham City National Bank on May 7, 1951.

Doctor Floyd- doctor of psychology. Found that Bruce Wayne suffered from second childhood syndrome after he got engaged to Joker's criminal assistant.

Reverend Hazlitt- minister of Alfred's church.

Drusilla- Barbara Gordon's coworker at the Gotham City Library.

Amber Forever- proprietress of Forever Jewel Company.

Miss Pinky Pinkston- current owner of the Pink Chips Stamp Factory. She has a pink dog named Apricot. Has been courted in the past by both Bruce Wayne and Britt Reed.

Shirley- works as a lingerie model in the Camelia Room.

June- lingerie model, flirted with Bruce Wayne. Phone number: 555-5555.

Mr. Stample- runs the International Stamp Exhibition.

Irving Cash- manager of American Bank. Mistakenly called Batman and Robin the 'Dynamic Duet'.

Irving Bracken- manager of Beneficial Bank.

Irving Leghorn- manager of General Bank and Trust. When he heard Black Widow was making her rounds in town, he sat in the bank vault with a rifle, waiting for her.

Irving Irving- manager of the Heritage First National Bank. Took $40,000 out of his vault when he thought he was helping Batman catch Black Widow.

Sally- seen recently at a local malt shop with Dick Grayson. The exact nature of their relationship is unknown.

Alfred Slye- noted criminal attorney with little respect for the law. He represented Chandell's no-good twin brother Harry when he was arrested.

Angus Ferguson- a part-time resident of Gotham City, he maintains a private loft in Gotham Towers. He is a well-known Scottish billionaire collector of many things, including keys. When Batman and Robin failed to prevent Joker from stealing his prized key, he called them muttonheads.

Carrie B. Keypie- her name was brought up by the Batcomputer when searching for clues regarding Joker's latest key-themed crimes.

Louie Latch- another innocent citizen whose name happened to have something to do with keys.

Egbert- cousin of Alfred, the Wayne butler. It was discovered that he was on the take, letting Joker into the Gotham Waterworks where he works as a security guard. It is not known if any action was taken as a result of his deplorable activity.

Tassles LaVerne- performs at the Follies, a sort of men's club. It is well-known that she 'swings'.

Lisa Carson- briefly dated Bruce Wayne, attended the Egyptian costume ball with him dressed as Cleopatra. Lives in the fashionable lower East part of the upper west side of Gotham City.

John E. Carson- wealthy socialite, in fact he's the second richest man in Gotham City next to Bruce Wayne.

Deputy Mayor Zorty- very supportive of the police force. Attended the Egyptian costume ball dressed as King Tut (the real one).

Jolly Jackson- host of the Jolly Jackson Phone Jockey Radio Show. He takes calls from people on his show, 'Open Mouth', then insults them.

Oliver Muzzy- local artist, discovered the Joker's talent when he vandalized some paintings.

Bernie Park- owner of Bernie Park's Artistic Procurers, supporter of local arts.

Mrs. Putney- local art enthusiast, joined Joker's Art Institute for a short time. Enjoys metalworking.

Mrs. van Dorma- one-time student of Joker's Art Institute.

Mrs. Runselmeyer- amateur artist, prefers sculptures made of barbed wire.

Captain Carlisle- skipper of the S.S. Gotham Queen.

Colin Coldwell- president of Coldwell Furnace Company.

Kid Gulliver- champion prize-fighter in Gotham City.

Jerry Quarry- current top contender for the boxing heavyweight title.

Glu Gluten- owner of a glue factory. Got tricked into selling Penguin an old nag for "nothing down and a little a week."

Wally Bootmaker- one of Gotham's top jockeys.

Myrtle- another of Barbara Gordon's coworkers at the Gotham City Public Library.

Princess Primrose- formerly Selma Jones, a friend of Barbara Gordon's. Now the leader of Gotham flower children.

Dogwood- friend of Princess Primrose.

Billy- a Gotham police officer.

Petula- another employee at the Gotham City library.

Professor Dactyl- studies paleontology, works at the Gotham City Museum of Natural History.

Professor Willis Grimes- a radiologist who developed new irradiation techniques.

Skip Parker- a local surfing champion, and friend of Barbara Gordon.

Hot Dog Harrigan- owns the popular Hang 5 surfers' hangout at Gotham Point.

Rudi Gernreich- Gotham's top couturier and fashion critic.

Blanche Curler- was recently named the tenth best-dressed woman in Gotham City.

Little Louie Groovy- lives at 27 Disc Drive. The teenage tycoon who produces million-selling records.

Karnaby Katz- devil-may-care men's clothing designer from Londinium. Has a valuable comic book collection.

Mr. and Mrs. Keeper- run the lighthouse on Phony Island. Mrs. Keeper doesn't have much to do, though, most of her time is spent vacuuming the upstairs bedroom.

Lucky Pierre- greatest and luckiest criminal attorney in Gotham City. Bears a resemblance to Pierre Salinger.

Flanagan- a Gotham police officer.

Gus- maintenance man in Barbara Gordon's apartment building. Once he entered her apartment through the back way to investigate neighbor's complaints of grinding noises coming from her bedroom.

Mr. Buck- runs the Gotham City Zoo.

Pop- not his real name, in fact he's only seventeen years old. But as a doorman at the Gotham Opera House, it's tradition that he be called Pop.

G. David Shine- works at Spiffany's Jewelry Store as a clerk.

Camille Carson- oil heiress who keeps all her emeralds in a cookie jar.

William Dozier- a millionaire, he keeps two million dollars worth of negotiable securities in a grandfather clock.

Howie Horwitz- millionaire television producer. He claims he became so successful by never hiring method actors and always ignoring network executives. Fittingly, he keeps his money in his TV set.

Mrs. Shubert- another of Gotham's rich, she keeps her pearls in a tea urn.

Mr. Converse- keeps all his bonds in a sleeping bag.

Lord Easy Street- multimillionaire bird-watcher, he happens to bear a resemblance to Alfred, the Wayne butler.

Mr. Harris- he started anti-crime centres in Gotham City with the help of Bruce Wayne.

Gideon Peale- owner of the Peale Art Gallery. He unknowingly aided Riddler in a scheme to unmask Batman.

Jenkins- one of the employees at the House of Ali Baba.

Wilbur- a photographer for Fun Boy magazine.

Ward Eagle- Gothamite movie producer. His next film will feature the dazzling Dawn Robbins.

Mr. Jay- Ward Eagle's assistant.

Hilary Stonewin- proprietress of Stonewin's Salon. She once tried to help Batman and Robin catch Zelda the Great when she put her most expensive diamond out as bait.

Officer Clancy- a member of the Gotham City PD. Skilled in undercover work, he once went out on a sting with Batman, disguised as a Power Company worker.

Paul Diamante- pitcher for the Gotham City Eagles and hero to young boys throughout the country. He is currently dating Princess Sandra of the Principality of Molino.

Gabrielle- a maid at the Gotham City Hotel.

Eddie Alan- plays for the Gotham City Eagles, wears number 77.

Doctor Vince- used an incredibly delicate temperature-control procedure to heal Batman and Robin after they were frozen solid.

Mr. Harvish- an attendant at the Gotham City Museum of Modern Art.

Professor James J. Laughwell- just returned from Africa with a collection of masks and objects of art.

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