Links to Other Places

Batman related sites

Space Daily Schedule

Tells you when you can watch Batman if you get Canada's Space channel

The Bruce Timm Artwork Archive

Brings you the work of the guy who created DC's animated style

Batgirls of Gotham City

Computer-generated models and custom original images dedicated to the incarnations of Barbara Gordon as Batgirl

Remembering Batman

Another great site dedicated to the 1960s Batman TV show. Contains a lot of production information about the show

TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy Database

A very large list of sites about all sorts of Sci-fi and Fantasy. Batman links are found here as well.

Rate It All

A cool site where you can rate almost anything and everything, including the 1960s Batman television show.

Sites about comics


The ultimate site for all things comics

Comic Book Resources

Another good site for comics info, with a huge links section


Daily reviews, news and interviews, including Snap Judgments and Critiques on Infinite Earths reviews.

Original comics on the Web

RibMan: Superhero To The Superheroless

Introducing The Lost Son of the Planet Krispy ...Protector of the Barbecue Capital of Earth ...and Superhero to the Superheroless.

Dumber than a speeding bullet; Needs an attorney more powerful than a locomotive; Able to leap tall buildings after consuming a single can of beans...

*If your comic creations are on the Web, send us the site address and we will add it to this section

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