Friends and Allies

Though Batman and Robin were highly competent crime-fighters, they were not so bold as to take on villainy alone. The Caped Crusaders had allies who assisted the heroes any way they could. Some gave direct assistance while others operated behind the scenes. In addition, the heroes had many friends who offered the moral support and occassional sandwich necessary to maintain a successful crime-fighting career. As you will see in the list down below, whatever help was given was graciously accepted by Batman and Robin.

Commissioner Gordon

"Our only hope is that towering power for right and justice, the Caped Crusader."

Commissioner Gordon has the incredibly difficult job of keeping the peace in Gotham City. He is staunchly dedicated to enforcing the letter of the law, but is also fiercely loyal to Batman and Robin. He will often ignore proper police procedure or hand over command of his police force to give the Caped Crusaders plenty of room to do what they do best. He often employs videos of the Dynamic Duo's exploits to teach his men new crimefighting techniques. He usually works from his office, so as to be close to the Batphone, but when duty calls he will don his hat and wade into the crime-infested streets of Gotham City alongside Batman and Robin. It is rumored that he keeps a 'bottle' in his desk drawer, though perhaps only Chief O'Hara knows for sure.

Gordon is wary of Warden Crichton's liberal penalogical practices and rehabilitation program at Gotham State Penitentiary. He often makes known his negative opinion of parole, and rarely believes that newly released criminals have indeed reformed.

He is a happily married man and is the father of Barbara Gordon, though he has no idea she is Batgirl. He also has several grandchildren. He wears Wellington no. 4 aftershave lotion.

Gordon always complied with Batman's suggestions, responding with something like:

"Whatever you think best, Batman."
"Right, Batman."
"Of course, Batman."
"A brilliant deduction, Batman."
"I'll see to it right away."
"Yes, Sir. Very well."
"Keep me informed, Batman."
"Of course, by all means."
"We'll be there in a trice!"

Chief O'Hara

Always by the Commissioner's side, Chief of Police O'Hara is the hardest-working cop in Gotham City. On top of his regular duties, he also heads up the GCPD Anti-Lunatic Squad. Apparently brought up in an Irish family, O'Hara is quick to condemn criminals and sometimes lets his emotions get the better of him. He is often frustrated by the many puzzles and tricks offered by Gotham's super-villains. Nevertheless, he always follows Gordon's (or Batman's) orders, leading his men in to help the Caped Crusaders whenever they need it. He is happily married, though it is unknown if he has any children.

Some of O'Hara's favorite expressions:

Saints be praised!
Saints preserve us!
Saints alive!
Mother McCrea!
Mother McGillicutty!
Great Saints!
The Devil you say!
Mother McKilty!
Great slithering snakes!
Glory be!
Bless me suspender buttons!
Sure'n that's the truth!
Heaven protect us!
By Thunderation!
Shiver me timbers!


"My effectiveness as a crimefighter depends on keeping my identity a secret."

Barbara Gordon lived a normal life like any other young adult until she finished college and returned home to Gotham City. It was then that she decided to lend a hand to the cause of justice, perhaps inspired by her father's tales of the Dynamic Duo's exploits. Creating her own costume (she later won an award for best-dressed crimefightress in Gotham City) and Batgirl-cycle, she took the name Batgirl. A hidden button under her vanity activates a secret revolving door in her bedroom, which leads to the Batgirl-nook. From there, the Domino Daredoll would don her wig and change into the Batgirl costume. There is also another door, leading to the Batgirl-cycle, which exits the building through a secret freight elevator.

This "supremely feminine scourge of all that is criminal" seems to have some mechanical knowledge, and she is an accomplished fighter, though she mostly kicks and rarely uses her hands. Her sleuthing quickly brought her into contact with the Caped Crusaders, which led her to develop a crush on Batman. At first, he tried to discourage her from such activities, partly because she was a woman. He was sometimes known to say that she should "leave the crimefighting to men." Undaunted, Batgirl continues to give aid to Batman and Robin whether they want it or not.

Batgirl even gained such notoriety that she had her own theme song:

Batgirrrl, Batgirl!
Batgirrrl, Batgirl!
Where do you come from, where do you go?
What is your scene, baby, we just gotta know.
Batgirrrl, Batgirl!
Batgirrrl, Batgirl!
Are you a chick who fell in from outer space?
Or are you real with a tender warm embrace?
Yaaa, whose baby are you?
Batgirrrl, Batgirl!
Yaaa, whose baby are you?


Alfred is Bruce Wayne's faithful butler, and is the only person who knows Batman, Robin, and Batgirl's secret identities. Alfred keeps himself busy with his duties at stately Wayne Manor, but he is often required to answer the Batphone. From time to time, he can be found dusting equipment in the Batcave, and when the Caped Crusaders' investigation enters one of his many fields of expertise, he will gladly lend a hand. Alfred is extremely knowledgeable in matters of clothing and foodstuffs, and he is also an amateur mechanic, fencer, meteorologist, and painter as well as being an expert marksmen with the short, long and cross bow; indeed, in his youth he was referred to as the Willam Tell of Liverpool. On extremely rare occasions, he is required to go out into the field. Before Robin was old enough to drive, Alfred would put on his own Bat-suit and drive the Batmobile if Batman was unavailable.

Previous to working for the Wayne family, Alfred was an employee of the Earl of Chutney. Over the years of service to Bruce Wayne, Alfred has accumulated some modest savings, some of which he has invested in the stock market.

He also had his own mode of transportation, the Alf-cycle, a regular bicycle with runners so that Batman could be brought into town if the Batmobile was stolen or out of commission. Its features include the Two-way Alf-radio, which provides a direct communication link to the Batmobile in case of emergency. When away from his cycle, he could use a hidden transmitter in his handkerchief to communicate with the Batcave.

Alfred also sometimes goes undercover in the cause of justice. Some of the alternate persona he uses are:

Aunt Harriet

"Well! Mercy alive!"

Harriet Cooper is one of Gotham City's elite because her nephew is Dick Grayson, who is the ward of millionaire Bruce Wayne. She devotes much of her time to work with community groups, such as the Gotham City Film Decency League. She is also a member of the Gotham City Gourmet Society, an organization she is quite active in. For instance, at one time she was in charge of their annual tea-tasting. But being a well-rounded person, she also enjoys a good fight (as in a boxing match).

It is well-known that she is a huge fan of Batman and Robin; everyone at the Gotham City Ladies Bridge Club has heard about the time she received a kiss from the Dynamic Duo. At around the same time as Batgirl's entry onto the Gotham crimefighting scene, Harriet embarked on a long journey to New Hebredes, followed by a North Cape cruise.

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