Although Batman was a master of countless fighting styles, displayed an unfathomable understanding of advanced calculus, and was endowed with insightful wit and masterful cunning, from time to time the Caped Crusader had to rely on his self-made tools of the trade to see the day through. What follows is a list of these handy gadgets.

In the Batcave

"Where every instrument has been designed to combat crime and snare its perpetrators." -- Batman


The Batcomputer produces hints for the dynamic duo, often in the form of cue cards but sometimes in a more oblique fashion. What follows is a list of the various gears, sensors, switches and signals which can be found on the Batcomputer.

Other Equipment

Londinium Batcave

When Batman and Robin were asked to investigate a series of daring robberies in Londinium, they knew it would be dangerous fighting a master criminal on their own turf, so they decided to even the odds. They loaded the Batmobile and lots of crime-fighting equipment from the Batcave into a container and onto their steamship. When they arrived at the Londinium country manor house that Bruce had rented, Alfred quickly set up all the equipment in the secret dungeon underneath, and it became known as the Londinium Batcave. It even had a handy isolated exit that led directly to the Queen's Highway.


Gotham City is a very large metropolis, so large that Batman and Robin could not possibly patrol its many streets on foot. In addition, villainy waits for no man, and certainly no crimefighter. The Dynamic Duo need a variety of trusty wheels to get them where they are needed. And of course, each vehicle is not without its helpful gadgets.


The super-modified car with an unsurpassed top speed. The extra-large bat-trunk holds various crime-fighting equipment and has plenty of space to fit eight people comfortably. The windshield is bulletproof.


The Batcopter was kept at the Batcopter Port, and guarded by the Gotham City Police.


The batcycle was a streamlined testament to great American craftmanship which transported Batman and Robin from the Batcave to any spot in Gotham City where villainy was causing trouble. Though not the first mode of choice, the Batcycle was a useful stand-in when the Batmobile was unavailable. Robin's side-cart could be jettisoned and driven seperately.


The Caped Crusaders' suped-up speed boat is docked at a secluded pier outside Gotham City. Batman and Robin drive to the pier and slide down a pole to the waiting boat below.


A means for getting around Gotham City on foot.


When it's necessary to stay close to the ground, Batman and Robin would pull out small, wheeled platforms that they would lie on to scoot around the room.


Batman and Robin would rarely use elevators or stairs. They were superheroes, after all. When it was necessary to gain entry into tall buildings, the Dynamic Duo would use a batarang to secure a line and then climb up the side of the building. It was slow going, more so than an elevator for instance, but it allowed for secrecy.

From time to time, however, a curious citizen would pop their head out of a window to speak briefly with Gotham's protectors, but Batman would always divert the attention from themselves stating things like, "We are just crime-fighters going about our mundane business."

On occassion, Batman and Robin would use the bat-climb to obtain a vantage point from which they could survey the surrounding area. Once the investigating was complete, they would use the Reverse Bat-climb to get back down to the ground.

Batman is adamant about having both hands on the Bat-rope during the Bat-climb.

On the Utility Belts

Batgirl's Equipment

Batgirl Cycle

As a crime-fighter, Batgirl needs her own set of wheels in order to get around in the crime-infested Gotham City. However, without the benefit of a cave buried beneath her apartment complex, a car was not practical. Instead, she opted for a motorcycle that she keeps in an unused freight elevator attached to the Batgirl Nook. The elevator leads directly to a garage which opens onto a deserted Gotham City alley.

Miscellaneous Info

The sign on the Batcave power source reads:
"Keep off - Atomic Pile - Super high high voltage."

Robin's reports during start-up of Batmobile:
"Atomic batteries to power."
"Turbines to speed."

The Batmobile's license plate number:

"Gotham City 1966"
"BAT 1"

Plaque on Batman statue in Gotham City University:

"Batman - Patron Crimefighter of Gotham City"

Distance to Gotham City from the Batcave:

"14 Miles"

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