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True Identities

When not out fighing crime, Batman and Robin and Batgirl lead regular lives just like the rest of us. Here is the inside scoop on what the lives of Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson and Barbra Gordon are like.

Bruce Wayne

"I just want to do my duty as a proud citizen of this fair community."

Bruce Wayne is Gotham's top philanthropist. He has been helping people publicly through the Wayne Foundation, and secretly in the guise of Batman, since his parents were killed when he was a young boy. He is an international sportsman, and enjoys spelunking and falconry. These skills often come in handy when fighting crime. Bruce has many hobbies, such as collecting antlers, stamps and antique pocket watches. Even as a child he was a skilled individual. When he was 11 years old he was the Junior Marble Champion of Gotham City. The one thing he cannot abide is being called a coward.

Public organizations Bruce is associated with:
   Bruce Wayne School of Home Economics
   Wayne Animal Sanctuary
   Wayne Federation of Boys Clubs
   Bruce Wayne Ice Arena
   Wayne Foundation Free Nursery School
   Chairman of Gotham City Boxing Commission
   Chairman of Gotham State Prison Parole Board
   President of Gotham Point Surfing Association
   Bruce Wayne Foundation Memorial Handicap
   Head of the Library's Board of Trustees
   Director of First National Bank of Gotham City
   Majority Stockholder in Gotham Lines
   Bruce Wayne Rehabilitation Fund
   The Wayne Foundation for Delinquent Girls
   Treasurer of Gotham City Museum
   Member of the Gotham City League of Bankers
   Wayne Camp for Underprivelaged Children
   Member of Millionaires Hunting Club
   President of the Water Commission

Dick Grayson

"I'm millionaire Bruce Wayne's youthful ward, Dick Grayson."

Dick Grayson is the determined, young ward of millionaire Bruce Wayne. It is unknown how this relationship came to be, or what became of Dick's parents. Nevertheless, he looks up to Bruce as any son would a father, and tries to learn as much as he can from the worldly Mr. Wayne. He also hones his crimefighting skills by working alongside Batman as Robin, the Boy Wonder. Dick has many hobbies to pass the long afternoons in Wayne Manor, such as his tuba and piano lessons, and also his bird calls.

Barbara Gordon

Barbara is the loving daughter of Police Commissioner Gordon. A proudly independent young woman, she returned home to Gotham City and a job as a librarian after completing her college education. She currently shares a midtown apartment house with her parakeet, Charlie, with whom she often confers. Unbeknownst to anyone but Alfred, Barbara also patrols the streets as Batgirl.

Barbara is an Egyptian bibliophile, and her interests include boxing and paleontology. She was recently named chairman of the Gotham City Anti-Littering Campaign.

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