Zelda the Great


Zelda the Great is the world's foremost illusionist and escape artiste. To maintain this reputation, she had to stun her audiences by escaping from new and more dangerous traps. Sadly, she could not think of any herself, and turned to the evil Albanian genius Eivol Ekdal for help. For one hundred thousand dollars, he agreed to sell her a mind-bending device that would bring the audiences back. Zelda used her unique skills to steal the money from a Gotham City bank. But after a year had passed, she needed a new trap, thus another $100,000. The police were baffled by two robberies committed exactly one year apart, on April 1.

But the third time was the charm for Batman and Robin. They tracked her down in her hideout, where she saved them from two mob hitmen who lay in wait. In return, Bruce Wayne arranged for Zelda to entertain at a children's hospital as her parole.

In her spare time, Zelda enjoys knitting.


Weapons and Equipment

Known Associates

Just as Batman and Robin do not go at crime-fighting alone, Gotham City's most notorious villains need fellow partners in crime to assist them with their malicious schemes.

Eivol Ekdal- an evil Albanian genius. His greatest achievement was the Inescapable Doom Trap, from which even he did not know how to escape.


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