Robin Quotes

Robin: "Whoa! You came down that pole like a pro, Alfred."

Robin: "The batcomputer is none too frisky today, Batman."

Robin: "Well, we're dressed for investigating, so let's investigate."

Alfred: "I'll get you some milk and cookies, Master Dick."
Dick: "Thanks a lot, Alfred. I can always count on you."

Robin: "Sorry, Batman. I slipped on the Baked Alaska.

Robin: "Catwoman mentioned an assault on Mount Gotham."
Batman: "But where is Mount Gotham?"
Robin: "I don't know... Holy Alps! I'd better brush up on my geography!"

Robin: "Ole, Batman! Ole!"

Marsha to Aunt Hilda: "You bumbling old hag, you've failed again."
Robin: "That's no way to talk to an old lady!"

Batman: "Let's go Robin, we've nary a second to lose! Vamanos!"
Robin: "Right amigo!"

Batman: "I'm glad you're up on your foreign languages, Robin. They come in handy when fighting crime."
Robin: "Si, si, Batmon."

Robin: "I bet even Shakespeare didn't have words for such villainy!"

Robin: "This'll teach that crook to be a litterbug. He should put trash in the proper waste container!"

Batman: "Robin, take the word 'bank' and spell it backwards."
Robin: "K-N-A-B. Knab!"

Robin: "They're throwing fish at us!"

Robin: "It's all a blur. Like a horrible day-mare."

Robin: "There's many a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip, Batman."

Robin: "The way we get into these scrapes and get out of them, it's almost as though someone was dreaming up these situations, guiding our destiny."

Robin: "Batman, I don't dig this."

Robin: "Joker's blackmail threat isn't worth a tinker's darn."

Batman to Catwoman: "The odds are about right, four against one."
Robin, coming out of hiding: "Four against two, Batman!"
Batman: "Robin!"
Robin: "I couldn't resist. You were taken in by her, but I'm too young for that sort of thing."

Robin: "Gosh, that's some ergo, Batman."

Batman, pointing: "What's that?"
Robin: "I guess I'm tired, but it looks like alphabet soup!"

Robin: "I never knew there were no punctuation marks in alphabet soup!"

Robin to Black Widow: "You she-devil! Have you short-circuited Batman's brain?"

Bruce: "I don't know how you constructed this playroom as a surprise without us knowing about it, Aunt Harriet."
Dick: "Or this slot car raceway. It's the coolest, Aunt Harriet!"

Robin: "I'll take the emergency bat-tunnel. It comes out on Highway One and I can catch a bus to Gotham City."

Robin: "I'd sooner see the Russians in the Hexagon than Penguin!"

Batman: "We'll go out the window and down the batropes. Otherwise we'll be mobbed."
O'Hara: "Mobbed? In Police Headquarters?"
Robin: "The flower children think we're cool, man. Like, we turn 'em on, you know."

Batman: "Shall we, Robin?"
Robin: "Let's, Batman."

Dick, getting on Batpole: "What happened to the signs, Bruce?"
Bruce: "Alfred removed them to put a new coat of paint on the Batpoles."
Dick: "Good ol' Alfred."

Bruce, after giving Dick his first car: "Remember, this isn't the Batmobile."
Dick: "Don't worry, Bruce. Highway safety is every citizen's prime responsibility."

Batman: "One blast of cool air kills these blooming cannibals far quicker than they can devour any human repast."
Robin: "Gosh yes!"

Robin: "Beach bums. We should have worn our baggies."

Robin: "You know I wouldn't fight a female, even a small army of females!"

Alfred: "Thank heavens, master Robin. I despaired of ever seeing you again."
Robin: "The despair was mutual, Alfred."

Batman: "Don't forget to drive on the left, not the right."
Robin: "I won't, Batman. I learned that when we got our international driver's licenses!"

Alfred: "Master Robin! I just heard you were dead."
Robin: "You heard wrong. Uh, wrongly."

Robin: "Pip-pip, chin-chin, and toodlio."

Robin, outside a women's changing room: "We can't step into that most hallowed and forbidden no-man's land without closing our eyes."

Dick, reading in the library: "Gosh, Bruce. That Genghis Khan was quite a guy."

Batgirl: "He's so authoritative. So confident."
Robin: "The more you work with Batman, the more amazing he seems."

Dick: "Gosh, Bruce, those muskrats and muskdeer sure are musky."

Robin: "It'll be a cold day in August when we're scared of you, Riddler!"

Batman: "Nice listening, Robin."
Robin: "Awww, gee, it was nothing, Batman."

Robin: "We give crooks no quarter, but we always deal with them fairly, too!"

Robin: "Awww, come on, you crook. You can't be all bad!"

Robin, looking at a book: "Gosh, could it concern us?"
Batman: "It certainly could. Look at that title."
Robin: "The Truth About Bats."

Aunt Harriet: "Now you march yourself straight over to that piano, young man!"
Dick: "Golly G minor, Bruce, do I have to?"

Dick: "Wise up, you guys, life isn't this easy!"
Suzy: "Well, that's easy for you to say, you're the ward of that rich millionaire!"
Dick: "That has nothing to do with it!"

Dick Grayson (in disguise as a 'bad-boy', about Bruce Wayne): "What a skin-flint! If I didn't swipe dimes from the butler I wouldn't even have cigarette money."

Robin: "Holy New Year's Eve, he has me in his famous trick streamers!"

Cheerleader Suzy: "Gee, imagine being taken to jail by a chauffer."
Bruce: "The Wayne Foundation for Delinquent Girls is hardly a jail, Suzy."
Dick: "Heck no, there are teams and clubs and everything."

Robin: "No clues here, Batman. No secret writing. It's just what it looks like - a perfectly ordinary asbestos book cover."

Robin (to Batman, when facing Bookworm's henchmen): "Six of them, two of us. The odds are in our favour."

Batman: "Smells like soup."
Robin: "Darn good soup."

Lisa (to Batman, handing him a card): "Excuse me, the kidnapper dropped this as he was leaving. Perhaps it might be of some help?"
Robin: "Clues are always helpful."

Batman: "Put your flippers up, Penquin!"
Robin: "We caught you with your feathers down!"

Batman (looking at map, attempting to determine of secret entrance to hideout): "If my trigonometry is correct, it should emerge right here."
Robin: "I'll never neglect my math again."

Batman (untying Robin from torture device): "Robin, are you all right?"
Robin: "Just a little sore, Batman, that's all."
Batman: "Well, one of Aunt Harriet's good, nourishing meals will set everything right."
Robin: "I sure worked up an appetite."

Robin: "Alred, if ever we had need of our brain power, it's now."

Alfred: "Should we not have informed the police and requested their aid?"
Robin: "I didn't dare chance it. They're great guys, Alfred, but they can be a little heavy-handed too."

Robin: "I bet Batman is the only one in the world with a hand steady enough to paint false fingerprints."

Alfred (dressed up as Batman): "I pray our deception succeeds, Master Robin."
Robin: "Just puff out your chest and look virile, Alfred."

Robin: "Is there anything lower than a lawyer who mocks the law? Or an artist who takes up crime?"

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