Lord Ffogg and Lady Peasoup


Lord Marmaduke Ffogg and his sister, Lady Penelope Peasoup, are well known throughout Londinium as typical upper-class citizens. But in fact, they led quite a different life away from the public eye. They started a ladies' finishing school on their estate, which claimed to teach young girls how to fend for themselves, but in actuality trained young thieves.

And the lord and lady themselves had a habit of breaking into the homes of Londinium aristocrats and removing their valuables. After baffling the inspectors at venerable Ireland Yard for some time, Batman and Robin were called in to investigate. Within moments after arriving, Batman suspected who the culprits were and wrapped the case up not long afterwards.

Weapons and Equipment

Known Associates

Lady Prudence- Lord Ffogg's daughter, who helped with the finishing school. She was not entirely loyal to her father, and tried to play all sides against each other when Batman and Robin came to investigate.

Duchess, Kit, Daisy, Rosamond- four girls who attended Ffogg's finishing school and boarded at Ffogg Place. They were working toward getting their MS, Mistress of Shoplifting. They went 'ape' over Robin when they met him.

Basil- Ffogg's surly butler.

Digby and Scudder- Ffogg's footman and chauffeur.


To some people villainy is a job; but, unlike the rest of the law-abiding citizens of Gotham City, villains do not work in an office, factory, or from their own homes. They must establish a 'hideout' from which they can organize and orchestrate their evil deeds.


From time to time, those nasty villains would resort to insults.



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