Known Associates

Just as Batman and Robin do not go at crime-fighting alone, Gotham City's most notorious villains need fellow partners in crime to assist them with their malicious schemes.

Printer's Devil, Pressman, Typesetter - simple henchmen; all wear glasses

Miss Lydia Limpet - Dark haired woman working with Bookworm. In order to feed the Dynamic Duo false information, Bookworm ties her up in an abandoned bookmobile. Acting as a 'beautiful prisoner', she is gased by Batman and taken to the Batcave for a series of lie-detecting tests. She fails. They return her to the Bookmobile and wake her up. Batman leaves Robin in charge of watching her, and though the Boy Wonder knows she is in league with Bookworm, he falls prey to her charm and is knocked unconcious.

She was taken into custody when Batman and Robin finally caught Bookworm.


From time to time, those nasty villains would resort to insults. What follows are the names used by Bookworm.


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