Batgirl Quotes

Barbara: "There's nothing I like better then hearing Lady of Spain played eight times in succession."

Barbara to her surfing buddy: "You really shot that curl, Skip!"

Barbara: "Ruined their hair forever? Catwoman really knows a woman's weak spot."

Maintenance Man, in Barbara's apartment: "I'm very sorry I surprised you, lady, I really am. And I'll never do it again."
Barbara: "Yes, well, it's not very wise of you, I keep several guns here."

Batgirl: "I might have known. You can't get policewomen to help you catch mice."

Batman: "How did you know that Robin and I might be in trouble at this glue factory?"
Batgirl: "Through the one thing you couldn't possibly have in your utility belt, Batman. A woman's intuition."

Barbara: "I'm afraid I'm still naive enough to believe the impossible can't be done."

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