Quotes from Villains


Joker: "Bruce Wayne will do as a substitute. I'm beginning to dislike him as much as Batman!"

Joker: "My generosity does not extend to overweight matrons, Madam."

Joker: "Then, after I've gotten rid of Batman and Robin for good, I will rule the waves. Me, the Joker, king of the surf and all the surfers. Then, Gotham City! Later, the world!"

Joker: "I've thrilled many a woman, Batgirl. But I never sent one completely in orbit before!"


Catwoman: "Felix, you can brush my pussy willows before you leave."

Catwoman: "I'm a Batagonian cat's eye opal fancier and I think your prices are outrageous."

Catwoman: "Karate isn't effective unless accompanied by yelling. Let him howl until he sprains a vocal chord. Then get him."

Catwoman: "Tsk, tsk and another tsk, Batman."

Catwoman: "From now on, pussy willows galore!"

Gossip columnist Jack O'Shea: "Why don't we get together and share a saucer of milk sometime."
Catwoman: "Don't be ridiculous. It would ravage my reputation if I was seen with you."

Batman: "You witch!"
Catwoman: "Batman, with all your many attributes you haven't learned the first thing about good manners. A gentleman would kiss a lady's hand."
Batman: "You are not a lady, you are a..."
Catwoman: "Curb your tongue, Batman. I cannot tolerate a man with no breeding."

Catwoman: "Ohhh, you're strong and forceful, Batman."
Batman: "And determined. If I can find Robin, we can go to J. Pauline Spaghetti island..."
Catwoman: "And your mouth is so handsome when you're angry and your eyes so flashing under that mask."

Catwoman to Batgirl: "Crimefightresses should be seen and not heard."


Bookworm (about the Dynamic Duo): "Our bats have flown the belfry and are still squeaking."

Bookworm: "My brain-drenched mind has done it again!"

Bookworm (about Bruce Wayne): "This fellow is almost as obnoxious as Batman."

Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter: "Every man likes a pretty girl with him at a skeleton dance."

Henchman: "Many others have tried killing Batman."
Mad Hatter: "Many others do not have the lethal equipment of my hat factory."


Riddler: "As you can see, Batman, by the deadly weapons we hold, you'd be fools to move."

King Tut

King Tut: "Nefertiti, you abandoned wench. How many times do I have to tell you queens consume nectar and ambrosia, not hot dogs!"

King Tut to Robin: "From the mouths of babes oft times comes pap."

King Tut: "My queen is disloyal, the handmaiden is a traitor, and everybody's being mean to me!"

King Tut: "By the instep of Ramses!"


Penguin: "How can a penguin lose his cool?"

Penguin (about Batman and Robin): "How in the name of purple wombats do they manage it!?"


Calamity Jan: "This here's Fernando Ricardo Enrique Dominguez. We calls him Fred for short 'cause it's his initials."

Henchman (to Mad Hatter): "Cowl or no cowl, Batman is still Batman."

Riddler's henchwoman (about Batman): "Oh, he looks handsome beneath that mask."

Finella (henchwoman, to Penguin): "No, I cheated and you cheated and that money is for charity and not for cheats. Oh, who's going to save our natural resources now?"

Allan A. Dale: "Mmmmm, I like that cape, Batman. Very shiek. Wash and wear?"

Marsha: "Is it powerful enough to work on Batman?"
Aunt Hilda: "Ooh, Batman is a special case. Bats have a very strong resistance to occult powers."

Pussycat: "I wanna be alone with you, Robin."
Robin: "Alone with me? But why?"
Pussycat: "I can see a very important part of your education has been grossly neglected."

Josie, after getting engaged to Bruce: "I'll be faithful forever, in my fashion."

Olga to Batman: "Is better making love then sermons, Batushka."

Okie Annie: "Aren't you millionaire Bruce Wayne? And aren't you his youthful ward Dick Grayson?"

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