Batman Dealing with Women

Robin: "Don't fret. With good behaviour you could be out in 7 and a half years."
Catwoman: "But I'll be an old tabby by then..."
Batman: "Never fear, there will always be someone waiting for one as beauteous as you."

Catwoman: "If I were to kiss you, would you think I was a bad girl?"
Batman: " of course not Catwoman."

Batman: "I'll do everything I can to rehabilitate you."
Catwoman: "Marry me."
Batman: "Everything except that."

Batman: "You're a rare lady, Catwoman, you're right on time."

Batman to Catwoman: "Your propaquity could make a man forget himself."

Catwoman: "I could give you more happiness than anyone in the world."
Batman: "How do you propose to do that?"
Catwoman: "By being your partner in life, I mean it's me and you against the world."
Batman: "What about Robin?"

Lisa: "Would you like to come in for a glass of milk and cookies?"
Bruce: "I'm afraid it's rather late. Why, it's 10:30!"

Bruce: "Milk and cookies, did you say?"
Lisa: "I made the cookies myself."
Bruce: "Man cannot live by crime-fighting alone."

Batgirl: "I was just doing my duty as a citizen."
Batman: "I like that kind of talk."

Olga: "You find me attractive?"
Batman: "I'd find you much more attractive if you were on the right side of the law, Olga."

Olga: "Here, we are following my customs. And my customs are requiring wedding borscht made from captured prisoners."
Batman: "Wedding borscht!"

Lila: "I have some other very rare lilacs in the rear room, if you'd like to see them."
Batman: "I'm always interested in the unusual of any species."

Batman to Catwoman: "A wife, no matter how beauteous or affectionate, would severely impair my crime-fighting."

Batman: "Of course, we could always borrow a hair-pin from Batgirl..."

Gordon: "What happened to Batgirl?"
O'Hara: "Begorrah, she's gone!"
Robin: "Into thin air."
Batman: "Her particular brand of vanishing cream..."

Barbara: "I think a ship sailing is one of the most exciting things in the world. Don't you, Bruce?"
Bruce: "Glamorous, romantic, a sense of mystery and adventure. Hard to beat in this hum-drum world."

Batman to Lady Peasoup: "A judo room? An unlikely sport for young gentlewomen."

Batman: "There's more to old Indian Fakir tricks than one might suspect."
Batgirl: "And concentration, magnified by the power of yoga?"
Batman: "Yes, yes. That's enough talking, Batgirl."

Batman to Barbara, about Batgirl: "I wouldn't dream of endangering that fair lady's head. No, you'd better leave the crimefighting to men."

Batman, about Batgirl: "She does make a colorful reinforcement alright, although I don't want her to think we can't fight our own battles."
Robin: "Gosh no, Batman."

Batman: "At the risk of sounding conceited, young lady, we're not just anyone."

Batman: "Women like Olga have been the downfall of far wiser men than Egghead."

Batman: "Perhaps crimefighting is better left to the men, Batgirl, perhaps not. But this isn't exactly women's work."
Batgirl: "But I'm no ordinary woman, Batman."
Batman: "Agreed."

Batman: "You constantly amaze me, Batgirl. I can't figure out how you manage to stay on top of a caper as quickly as we do."
Batgirl: "Tea leaves, stars, crystal gazing. All part of a woman crimefighter's arsenal, Batman."

Robin, about Batgirl: "Do you think she's trying to double-cross us?"
Batman: "No, but she's a woman, Robin, with a woman's inborn desire to outsmart men."

Batman: "To the Batmobile."
Batgirl: "What about my Batgirl Cycle? It's hidden around the corner."
Batman: "We'll pick it up later, Batgirl. It'll be much faster if we all go together."
Batgirl (smiling): "Cozy."

Bruce: "Excellent fondue, Barbara. It isn't often a bachelor gets the chance for a good home-cooked meal."
Barbara: "Well, it isn't often a spinster gets to cook for a bachelor."

Bruce: "Yes, I think I should be running along as well, Barbara. Uh, it wouldn't be proper for the two of us to be here alone in your apartment without a chaperone."

Batman: "Batgirl has been very valuable to all of Gotham City, through her pluck and her heroism."

Shame: "Get away from our Fanny!"
Robin: "They'll let us have it if we do."
Batman: "So? We can't hide behind a woman."

Dick: "Gosh, Bruce, would Minerva stoop to something like that?"
Bruce: "It's hard to believe, Dick, she's so beautiful!"

Batman: "What's your name?"
Molly: "Molly."
Batman: "You interest me, strangely."

Robin: "The crook was a lady!"
Batman: "Hardly a lady, Robin, but female, yes."

Batman: "I'm afraid you're under arrest, Madam."
Queenie: "Couldn't we talk it over, handsome?"
Batman: "Poor, deluded child."

Blaze: "You've got quite a grip there, caped crusader."
Batman: "Sound mind and a sound body. A necessity in the relentless war against crime."

Batman (to Miss Patrick, who offered him a vitamin): "No thank you, my dear. I seldom resort to medication of any kind. You see, one's body has remarkable restorative powers of its own."

Batman (about Miss Patrick): "She seems eager to please. A virtue in anyone."

Marsha: "You mean you're not in love with me?"
Batman: "I'm not even mildly interested."

Octavia (Minstrel's female companion in crime): "I surrender."
Batman: "That's hardly necessary. Just from looking at you, I'm sure your presence here is innocent."
Octavia: "Appearences are deceiving, Batman."
Batman: "Appearences, perhaps. Instinct, seldom."
Octavia: "That's nice. You're nice. I think I might like it better being on your side."
Batman: "It's always a satisfying feeling knowing that you're on the side of right, Octavia."
Octavia: "I wasn't talking about right."
Batman: "I know."
Octavia: "Are you taking me in?"
Batman: "Where? Why?"
Octavia: "Thank you, Batman. Perhaps some other time, some other place."
Batman: "I hope so."
Octavia: "Then goodbye for now."
Robin: "You're letting her go? I admit she's gorgeous, Batman, but what does she have that all the other gorgeous creatures didn't?"

Barbara: "Would any of you care for a soft drink?"
Batman: "No thank you, Miss Gordon. We might find it too relaxing."

Batman: "We'll use the portable Batcomputer in the Batmobile."
Batgirl: "I think I'll tag along, Batman. The instruments in the Batgirl Cycle aren't quite as sophisticated as those in the Batmobile."
Batman: "Thank you."

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