Batman Investigating Crimes

Batman: "The red speck appears to be chile and the green speck is avocado. Do you know what that means?"

Batman puzzling over a clue: "It must be something connected with his trying to tell us something."

Batman: "This librarian has been bound in the ancient Thuggee tradition."

Batman: "We just dropped in for that Small Batcave Improvement Loan that you mentioned, but in view of the strange criminal activity that seems to be transpiring here..."

Bruce: "It looks like undesirable elements have once again infiltrated the manly art of self-defense."

Batman: "Ingenious! This criminal mirth issues from a tiny super-powered loudspeaker built into your left cufflink."

Batman: "Just as I expected. The agile crook also managed to slip an induction receiving antenna into your left trouser leg."

Batman: "The next time your chief teller goes out for a sandwich and sends a stranger back in his place, scrutinize him carefully. I'm sure I speak for the chairman of the board, millionaire Bruce Wayne, in saying that you owe that to all of your depositors."

Batman: "It's staring us right in our masks."

Batman, about Puzzler: "There's a method to his misdemeanors."

Batman: "It looks like we're getting closer to the heart of this criminal artichoke."

Batman: "Before we set brain and sinew to this perplexing case, let's review all the facts."

Batman: "Just what are you doing, and to whom are you doing it?"

Batman, analyzing a bullet in the wall: "Judging from the trajectory of the angle, and figuring the wind at six knots per hour north by northeast as per this morning's weather report...X times six squared...over...logarithm of that...yes! You see? It came from that room on that floor!"

Batman: "We've come a long way from the Prime Minister's exploding cake. Or have we?"

Batman: "I'm certain this is the first stitch in a large tapestry of crime."

Batman: "The Catwoman has unsheathed her claws again."

Robin: "What do you think, Batman? Has the Penquin really gone straight?"
Batman: "It's a tough one. When that bird turned snow white it could merely be a tricky white-wash job."

Batman: "I observed the recoil of that umbrella gun. Obviously, its angular momentum was inadequate for the mass of a real bullet."

Robin: "What's the plan, Batman?"
Batman: "Routine crime detection."

Gordon: "You make something of this enigma, Batman?"
Batman: "It sticks out like Penguin's nose."

Bruce Wayne: "Catwoman has returned to besmirch the name of our fair metropolis."

Batman: "If my calculations are correct..."
Robin: "They usually are."
Batman: "...Someone should be coming through that window within the next six seconds."

Batman: "There is a large mural here and one small piece of canvas must be brushed in before we can get the entire picture."

Batman: "When fighting crime even the most minute detail must not be ignored."

Robin: "Batman, look! What skinny macaroni!"
Batman: "No, it's spaghetti, Robin. A variety of alimentary paste, larger then bernachelli but not as tubular as macaroni."

Robin: "Ghoti is fish?"
Batman: "See here. English phonetics. GH becomes F, as in tough or laugh. O becomes I as in women. TI becomes SH as in ration or the word nation."
Robin: "Holy semantics, Batman. You never cease to amaze me!"
Batman: "No time for compliments, Robin. We must thwart some criminals. To the Batmobile!"

Batman, hearing gunshots across town: "I think we're going to be a little late for that lecture to the Crime Prevention League, Robin."

Batman: "To the alley!"

Batman: "To the spa!"

Batman: "I did a little extracurricular crime-detecting while Dick Grayson was doing his homework."

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