Quotes from Alfred

Batman: "That cheapskate pressed his robot's wear in his printing press."
Alfred: "Bless my steam iron! How revolting."

Alfred: "My duties do not include aiding and abetting thievery."

Alfred, in disguise: "I'm the oldest living hippie in this country. 'Course you may have heard about my being the first Boy Scout dropout at the turn of the century."

Batgirl, in a flying saucer: "How did you get mixed up in a thing like this, Alfred?"
Alfred: "My job as millionaire Bruce Wayne's butler sometimes calls for extracurricular activities, but this - this is going too far!"

Alfred (dropping Batman off on the Alf-cycle): "There we are, sir."
Batman: "Thanks for the lift, citizen."
Alfred: "Least I could do, Sir."

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