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Year One

  1. Hi Diddle Riddle
  2. Smack In The Middle
  3. Fine Feathered Finks
  4. The Penguin's A Jinx
  5. The Joker Is Wild
  6. Batman Is Riled
  7. Instant Freeze
  8. Rats Like Cheese
  9. Zelda The Great
  10. A Death Worse Than Fate
  11. A Riddle A Day Keeps The Riddler Away
  12. When The Rat's Away The Mice Will Play
  13. The Thirteenth Hat
  14. Batman Stands Pat
  15. The Joker Goes To School
  16. He Meets His Match, The Grisly Ghoul
  17. True Or False Face
  18. Holy Rat Race
  19. The Purr-fect Crime
  20. Better Luck Next Time
  21. The Penguin Goes Straight
  22. Not Yet, He Ain't
  23. The Ring Of Wax
  24. Give 'Em The Axe
  25. The Joker Trumps An Ace
  26. Batman Sets The Pace
  27. The Curse Of Tut
  28. The Pharoah's In A Rut
  29. The Bookworm Turns
  30. While Gotham City Burns
  31. Death In Slow Motion
  32. The Riddler's False Notion
  33. Fine Finny Fiends
  34. Batman Makes The Scenes