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"Catwoman Goes To College"

Catwoman gases Batman and Robin, and ties them up in a giant coffee mug on the Crespie's Coffee mechanical billboard. She puts sulfuric acid in the giant coffee pot, and hits the switch, giving the Caped Crusaders one minute to live before the acid-laced coffee is poured all over them.


"Scalded in a coffee cup?? Can this be it for the dynamic duo?? Or are Batman and Robin still good to the last drip??"

The Escape

Batman predicts that a small trickle of acid will precede the large gush. He positions his arms and waits, until the small drip of acid falls and burns through his ropes. But the giant pot is still tipping! So he deftly throws a batarang at the Master Control Switch, and yanks the power off.

The Case

Bruce gets Catwoman out on parole, but she would rather steal some opals than obey the law.