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"Penguin Sets A Trend"

With no time to change out of the suits of armor they were wearing for the movie, the Dynamic Duo chase after Penguin, but he knocks them down by rolling trash cans at them. He then puts them to sleep using gas from his umbrella. Seeing a garbage truck coming toward him, he pays them $10 to haul the 'trash' away and smash it down.


"The Dynamic Duo a pair of paperweights??"

The Escape

Batman and Robin are poured into the Hydraulic Scrap Crusher, and seconds later a large cube of metal pops out. But soon a bewildered garbage hauler watches as they cut their way out from the inside, having used the Bat Air-pumps on their utility belts to counter the mechanical pressure and create a protective pocket of air.

The Case

Penguin opens a movie studio, all part of his plan to build a solid gold tank!