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"Penguin Is A Girl's Best Friend"

During filming of Penguin's movie, Batman and Robin are blinded by a floodlight and knocked out. Penguin ties them to a giant catapult, and straps cameras to their legs, intending to use the footage of their crash-landing in his film.


"Et-tu Pengy? Friends, Romans, countrymen...find out next week!"

The Escape

Hurtling through the air, Batman does some quick calculations in his head while allaying Robin's fears, and determines that they will land 30 yards east of the intersection of Mulberry & Seventh Streets. He reaches the remote control for the Batmobile in his utility belt, and programs it to park there and deploy the safety net from the trunk.

The Case

Penguin opens a movie studio, all part of his plan to build a solid gold tank!