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"That Darn Catwoman"

Having turned Robin evil with her cataphrenia drug, Catwoman uses him to dupe Batman so her henchmen can knock him unconscious with cattle prods. He is tied down in a giant mousetrap, and Catwoman asks if he will join her. Of course he refuses, and Robin starts cutting the rope holding the trap open.


"Holy bat-trap! A life of crime or no life at all! Tune in next week for the shocking answer! Same cat-time!! Same cat-channel!!"

The Escape

Batman agrees to join Catwoman. She insists that he take the cataphrenia, but he asks if he might take a bat-pill first to get rid of his headache. Upon receiving the drug, Batman begins speaking in an evil manner (he calls Catwoman 'a pretty good looker'). After Catwoman is apprehended, he reveals that the bat-pill was actually a universal bat-antidote, and he was only acting bad the whole time.

The Case

Catwoman employs a teenage assistant known as Pussycat to distract Robin.