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"The Sandman Cometh"

Batman and Robin track Sandman to an abandoned warehouse factory. During the ensuing fight with Sandman's henchmen, Robin is blasted with Sandman's sleeping powder and Batman is buried beneath a mountain of matresses. Batman is tied to a mattress and placed in a mattress stiching machine. Robin, who is susceptible to Sandman's commands while under the influence of the gas, throws the switch which starts the machine. The giant needle begins to stitch and it's only a matter of time before it sews Batman.


"Batman quilted to a mattress? Robin led away by the abominable Sandman to be the sleeping pawn in Catwoman's cat and mouse game?"

The Escape

As the needle moves around the mattress, Batman appears helpless. It seems as if a combination of poor planning and luck saves the Caped Crusader's life, as the stabbing of the needle breaks the bond binding his right hand to the mattress. With his free hand he quickly removes his utility belt, swinging it at the ON switch and manages to turn the machine off.

Meanwhile, Robin has been taken to Catwoman's lair and has been sent into a giant maze, a large replica of the maze used to carry out scientific experiments on rats and mice. He eventually ends up in the center of the maze with Policewoman Mooney.

Later, Batman arrives at Catwoman's hideout and goes into the maze to get Robin. In no time, he has found the Boy Wonder and Policewoman Mooney, and leads them out. Amazed, Robin asks how Batman could get through the maze so quickly. Batman tells him most mazes are based on a similar pattern, a pattern with which he is very familiar.

The Case

Catwoman teams up with Sandman to rob a millionairess.