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"The Puzzles Are Coming"

Puzzler ties Batman and Robin up, and puts them in a hot air balloon. The basket is set to release when the altimeter reads twenty thousand feet.


"Is this the last hurrah for the dynamic duo?"

The Escape

Using a henchman's discarded piece of chewing gum, Robin plugs the air hole of the altimeter, stopping its increase just under twenty thousand feet. But, the balloon is still rising.

Batman recalls reading that the elusive high-flying giant red-eyed hermit newthatch birds are migrating that day. Robin does not have that particular bird call in his repertoire, but Batman urges him to improvise. He succeeds, and one of the birds attacks the balloon, and it starts to descend. Luckily, their landing site in the mountains has a pay phone nearby, and they call for a cab.

The Case

Puzzler attempts to steal an important new aircraft, so he can sell it back to the American government.