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"The Peguin's Nest"

Chief O'Hara is trapped inside a heavy metal box. Penguin's henchmen wait beside a large machine gun while Penguin stands beside a electric generator that will send 100,000 volts into the pool when turned on. When Batman and Robin arrive on the scene, O'Hara will be dumped into the pool, the Dynamic Duo will be blown into the pool by a barrage of lead from the machine gun, and the all three will then be zapped by 100,000 volts.


"Cross-fire and electrocution!"

The Escape

As the machine gun starts firing, out comes the Bat-shield. Unharmed, they are nonetheless pinned down and unable to help Chief O'Hara who is undoubtedly slowly suffocating in that metal box which now sits at the bottom of the pool.

Thinking quickly, Batman tosses an exploding bat-pellet to knock Penguin away from the generator. The Caped Crusader then applies a bat-inverser to the electrical wires leading into the pool. As the dazed Penguin gets up and flips the switch, the metal box comes flying out of the pool! The bat-inverser has made an anti-magnet out of the box, repelling it from the electrical charge.

The Case

Penguin wants to go to prison?