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"Marsha, Queen Of Diamonds"

Marsha has a nearly fool-proof plan to steal the coveted Bat-diamond (the Batcomputer's power source) from the Batcave. She shoots Robin from behind with a Cupid's arrow, causing him to become completely devoted to her. She then has her henchmen steal him away from Batman, and promises to return him only if he took her to the Batcave to get the Bat-diamond.

But Batman has sworn a sacred pledge never to allow a stranger into their secret hideout. So Marsha suggests that if she were to marry Batman, she would no longer be a stranger and therefore could be brought into the Batcave without his promise being broken. Batman now stands at the altar with Marsha, and it is his turn to say the dreaded words, "I do."


"Mr. and Mrs. Batman??!! The dynamic duo may become a trio!!"

The Escape

Unable to escape such a brilliant trap, Batman stands at the altar muttering the word "I" over and over. Luckily, Alfred and Aunt Harriet see a news flash back in Stately Wayne Manor, and quickly made preparations.

When they arrive at the church, Harriet claims to be Mrs. Batman, and Alfred produces a marriage certificate (fresh from the Bat-printer). Upon seeing this, the priest storms out, vowing never to marry a bigamist. Batman is left with nothing to do but thank his faithful butler and rush after Marsha.

The Case

Marsha uses love darts and her own sensuality to put men under her control!