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"An Egg Grows in Gotham"

Egghead kidnaps the three descendants of the families who founded Gotham City in order to sabotage the 'Renewing of the Lease' ceremony, but there is another motive behind his actions. He believes one of them is Batman.

Egghead has realized that crime-fighting would be an expensive endeavor, so Batman would have to be a millionaire. Peter Savage, Bruce Wayne and Tim Tyler are all millionaires and are all athletically inclined. Egghead has managed to gather information that places one of his captives above the others. Peter Savage has a French accent, Batman does not. Tim Tyler is left-handed, Batman is not. That leaves Bruce Wayne, who is going to be subjected to Egghead's Electro Thought Transfer machine.

This machine will empty the contents of Bruce Wayne's brain into Egghead's brain, leaving Bruce "an empty-headed fop". Bruce is held to the chair by an electro-magnetic force. Egghead turns on the machine and it begins to power up and suck Bruce's brain.


"Will the world's greatest criminal mind EGG-stract the true identity of Batman?"

The Escape

Dick Grayson is sitting on the sidelines with Peter Savage and Tim Tyler, tied to chairs and forced to watch the grisly display. Dick, however, refuses to sit idly by. He has been seated beside the power supply and quickly changes the voltage to 220 volts which short circuits Egghead's machine. Egghead drops a radar egg which will explode if it is disturbed by the slightest vibration and runs to safety with his henchmen.

After freeing the others, Bruce leads them in the escape. In order to not disturb the bomb, they jump up and grab a hold of the piping along the ceiling. They move hand-over-hand and drop to safety. Bruce and Dick tell the others to leave the room while they detonate the bomb so there is no possibility that a citizen will find and disturb the bomb later on. Bruce and Dick crouch behind a table and Bruce uses a grape like a marble and hits the egg, setting it off.

Bruce later tells Dick Egghed's machine was working but years of conditioning allowed him to block that portion of his brain which deals with dual identity. He admits he could not have managed to protect himself from the machine much longer.

The Case

Egghead ensures that Gotham City elders are unable to renew the lease on the city, and puts himself in charge.