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"The Clock King's Crazy Crimes"

Batman and Robin sneak into Clock King's hideout only to slip on a patch of super-slick watch oil Clock King had spread about as a trap. While the Dynamic Duo frantically try to regain their footing, they are blasted with sleeping gas.

They awake to find themselves trapped in a giant hourglass, and Clock King has removed their utility belts. "Some people kill time," says Clock King, "but this time, time is going to kill you." The sand starts to pour in.


"Is this the zero hour for the Dynamic Duo? Are the sands of time really running out for Batman and Robin? At long last have they met a gritty, granulated, inglorious end?"

The Escape

Their first instinct is to break the glass with kicking and punching, but it is too thick. Robin suggests plugging the neck with their capes. Batman admits that would stop the sand but discourages this idea. The hourglass is airtight and they would eventually run out of air. Robin loses hope but Batman tells him not to give up. As long as they are alive they have a chance, he tells him.

They begin to shift their weight from side to side, rocking the hourglass which eventually topples over. But, it does not break. Not disheartened, they start to run, rolling the hourglass across the floor, out the door, and into traffic where the hourglass is hit by a truck. Sometime later, Commissioner Gordon receives a phone call from Batman saying he and Robin are all right and still on the case.

The Case

Clock King steals some expensive atomic clocks!