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"The Greatest Mother of Them All"

Batman and Robin escort Ma Parker and her gang to prison. As soon as the Dynamic Duo leave, however, it becomes evident Ma Parker wanted to be sent to prison. Over the last few months, she's been replacing Warden Crichton's men with members of her own gang. Ma Parker now controls the entire prison!

As Batman and Robin walk back to the Batmobile, they notice a prison worker is closing the hood. He says he just wanted to see the engine and the Dynamic Duo have no reason to doubt him. Little do they know that he is a member of Ma Parker's gang and has attached a bomb to the engine. Before Batman and Robin pull away, the guy tells them Warden Crichton drives 70 miles per hour on the highway, but he imagines the Batmobile could at least reach 100 mph. The bomb is set to go off when the Batmobile reaches 60 mph.


"Will the Batmobile be blasted?"

The Escape

As the Dynamic Duo cruise along the highway, Robin asks Batman to go faster. Batman points out that the speed limit is 55 mph. This makes them question what the prison worker said when they were leaving. There is no way Warden Crichton would break the law and drive 70 mph. Batman realizes the worker must have wanted them to drive faster. He pulls over to check under the hood, and sure enough there is a bomb attached to the engine. He throws it off the side of the road where it explodes.

The Case

Ma Parker needs help to perform a few bank jobs, and where better to find criminals than Gotham Penitentiary?