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"The Spell of Tut"

Robin is sent off on his own on reconnaissance and it's only a matter of time before the Boy Wonder is in King Tut's clutches. Robin is to be the first to receive a dosage of Abu Ramu Simbu Tu, but he escapes his captors and runs into an adjoining room. Unfortunately, it's a room full of crocodiles which are waiting hungrily some 20 feet below. The plank Robin is standing on slowly begins to retract.


"Is Robin doomed? Those crocodiles look mighty hungry. Was Tut right? They'd be having a tasty dinner? Or was he merely shedding crocodile tears?"

The Escape

Before Robin left the Batcave, Batman slipped some radioactive bat-pellets into his sidekick's utility belt. Using the bat-geiger counter, Batman is able to track Robin to Tut's lair.

Using a high-powered laser ray of some sort, Batman melts the steel bars across the room's window. He climbs up to the window, secures a line, and tosses a length of rope into the room. He then swings over to Robin and together they both swing back to climb out of the window to safety.

The Case

King Tut plans to use an ancient potion made from beetles to enslave all of Gotham City.