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"The Minstrel's Shakedown"

Batman and Robin sneak into Minstrel's hideout. They eventually come to a locked door and must break it down. They back up to the opposite wall and together they charge the door and crash into it at the same time. The momentum carries them into the room and right into a trap before they even know what hit them.

The Dynamic Duo are tied to a spit and are slowly rotated over super units of radar grill which will cook the heroes in a matter of minutes.


"Is this melodious fiend finally cooking the duo's goose?"

The Escape

Back when they first entered Minstrel's hideout, Batman had placed adhesive bat-bombs along the length of the corridor. These bombs begin to go off, creating a diversion which draws Minstrel and his cohorts out of the room. Batman and Robin quickly begin to shake and pull at their bonds, and within moments the turnspit pole is knocked off the stand.

Now that they are free from the searing heat, the Dynamic Duo can concentrate on undoing their bonds. Within moments they are free and ready for a fight when Minstrel and his associates return to the room.

The Case

The Minstrel's sonic vibrations threaten every building in Gotham City!