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"Hot Off The Griddle"

Planted clues lead Batman and Robin to the Pink Sandbox, a new restaurant which is actually Catwoman's hideout. The booth the duo are seated in suddenly turns around, dumping them into a secured room. Catwoman proceeds to give them the ultimate hot foot, turning a switch which super-heats the floor in the room. Batman and Robin hop about in desperation, trying to come up with a plan of escape while trying to preserve their soles.

Batman notices a water pipe running along the wall and quickly moves to bust it open. But alas, Catwoman has filled it with catatonic which knocks the Dynamic Duo cold.

When they awake, they find themselves tied to giant BBQ pits lined with reflective material which has been greased with margarine. Giant magnifying glasses are positioned over the heroes so the full heat of the sun is bearing down on them. Catwoman plans to cook Gotham's protectors!


"Is their goose cooked? Will Batman and Robin stew in their own juices?"

The Escape

Earlier in the day, Bruce and Dick were preparing a telescope in order to view a solar eclipse. This eclipse, says Batman as he and Robin slowly begin to cook, is due in 16 seconds. And though this relief from the heat will only last for 30 seconds, Batman says it is all the time they need if his calculus is correct.

He has calculated the asimythal equal distant projection of the sun's rays and has determined if they use their feet to move the magnifying glasses 14 degrees to the left, the sun beams will be concentrated on their bonds. Batman warns Robin that precision is of the utmost importance because one degree too much or too less and the sun will fry their hand.

They move the magnifying glasses and as the solar eclipse comes to an end, it appears as if Batman's calculus was indeed correct.

The Case

For some reason, Catwoman wants the cat-gut from two antique violins.