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"Shoot A Crooked Arrow"

Alfred is sent to Archer's hideout-- an archery range-- to distract the villains while Batman and Robin infiltrate the area. While Alfred engages Archer in a test of bowmanship, the Dynamic Duo make their way into the underground lair. Little do they know, however, security devices alert Archer to the intruders. With a simple press of a button, the Caped Crusaders are ensnared in a net.

After an unsuccessful ruse at threatening to cut off Alfred's head if Batman does not reveal the location of the Batcave, Archer challenges Batman to a duel. Our hero accepts.

It becomes apparent Archer isn't a very fair sport. Batman and Robin are tied to poles and Archer and his men mount horses, arming themselves with lances. They proceed to charge across the field toward the seemingly helpless heroes.


"Doth this foul deed spell finis for the Cape-ed Crusaders?"

The Escape

Batman and Robin activate the bat-springs in their boots, launching themselves into the air and free of the pole. They land a safe distance away and remove their bonds, free to fight crime once again.

The Case

The Archer has a grudge against the Bat-computer, and will stop at nothing to destroy it.