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"The Bookworm Turns"

Batman and Robin go their separate ways and Robin falls prey to Bookworm. Earlier on, Bookworm sent the Dynamic Duo "For Whom the Bells Tolls" as a clue. Bookworm takes Robin to The Wayne Memorial Clock Tower and ties the Boy Wonder to the clapper of the bell. When the clock strikes midnight, Robin will be smashed to bits. Meanwhile, Batman is on the other side of the city!


"The first minute of the new day. The everlasting end for Robin. Stick merciful cotton in your ears, the death knell sounds tomorrow."

The Escape

A few minutes earlier, Batman in the Batmobile is stopped by Chief O'Hara, who informs the Caped Crusader that Robin was not in the alleyway with the abandoned bookmobile where Batman left him. Alarmed, Batman enters into a trance to "turn his memory back" in order to learn where Bookworm took Robin. He remembers the clue, "For Whom the Bell Tolls" and rushes to the clock tower.

Using the bat-zooka, Batman shoots a batarang and cable around the lightening rod at the top of the tower. He shoots another around the hands of the clock. He hooks the cables to the nuclear power source of the Batmobile, both to the positive sides, thereby positively charging the clapper and the bell. And, as Batman knows, positively charged objects repel one another.

The Case

Bookworm tries to steal (what else?) books.