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"The Curse of Tut"

King Tut's henchmen have kidnapped Bruce Wayne. He's in the back of an ambulance, tied to a gurney. They speed along a rising, winding Gotham country road as the gurney slides around. Bruce uses this momentum and forces the gurney forward with his weight, ejecting the gurney with him on it out the backdoor! Now, he's flying down the road, and passes a sign which reads "Road Under Construction, 300 ft drop". The gurney crashes through a warning barrier and approaches the cliff!


"Bruce Wayne hurtling toward an awesome abyss. What will be his fate?"

The Escape

As Bruce rushes through the construction site, he passes underneath a crossbar railing just before the drop-off. Just in time, he breaks his hands free of his bonds and reaches up, grabbing the bar and stopping himself as the gurney flies over the cliff.

The Case

King Tut is determined to kidnap Bruce Wayne and claim a healthy ransom.