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"The Joker Trumps An Ace"

Capturing Batman and Robin in ropes, Joker uses a ray gun to neutralize their utility belts. He tells them he'll give them a sporting chance. He puts them in a smokestack and if they can stay afloat for an hour, they are free to go. The Dynamic Duo enter and quickly remove their bonds. The door is sealed and thick gas begins to pour in. Aghast, Batman and Robin realize the Joker never said he was using water!


"Is this the Joker's crowning jest?"

The Escape

As the gas closes over their heads, it looks grim for the Caped Crusaders. They soon emerge, however, climbing the wall of the smokestack, back to back, using their feet to climb and each other for support. Once at the top of the stack, they slide down to the ground on a cable.

The Case

Joker's new scheme is worth a Maharajah's ransom, with a little petty revenge on the side.