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"The Penguin Goes Straight"

Batman and Robin go to the Gotham Amusement Pier, location of a party in Penguin's honour. They are quickly ambushed by Penguin's henchmen and knocked unconscious with a cement umbrella. They are strung up behind the decoys of a shooting gallery.

Penguin puts real bullets in the shooting umbrellas and challenges Commissioner Gordon and Chief O'Hara to hit the targets. Both men exclaim the shot will be easy and take aim.


"Batman and Robin a swinging pair of dead ducks? What on Earth can save them? Don't shoot Commissioner, don't shoot!"

The Escape

Just before the shots are fired, Batman and Robin come to and pull themselves up, placing their feet on the back of the tent. Luckily, the Caped Crusaders were wearing their shoes with the bulletproof soles.

The resulting shock of the gunshots unjammed Batman's bat-knife with which he cuts his and then Robin's bonds.

The Case

Penguin appears to have turned over a new leaf, but Batman and Robin will have none of it.