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"The Purr-fect Crime"

The Dynamic Duo track Catwoman to her hideout where she subsequently toys with them with several traps which turn out to be non-lethal. Just when Batman is losing his cool, a tube descends from the ceiling and sucks Robin away. Batman now has the choice of two doors in front of him. One, he is told will lead to Catwoman; behind the other is a ferocious Batman-eating tiger. Batman opens one door, and the tiger walks out.

Meanwhile, Robin is about to be fed to a whole pack of hungry tigers. Robin is tied to a plank which is hanging over a pit containing the big cats. A tube of sand equaling Robin's weight is keeping him out of harm's way, but the tube is opened and as the sand spills out, Robin is slowly descending into the pit!


"Will Batman ever see Robin alive again? Will Robin ever see Batman alive again? Will our daring duo escape the claws of the wily Catwoman?"

The Escape

Using claws of his own from his utility belt, Batman scales the wall getting out of reach of the tiger. Then calling upon his vast storehouse of audio engineering knowledge, he nimbly reverses the polarity on his wrist communicator and increases the modulation to 20,000 decibels knowing it will force the tiger into submission.

Batman finds Robin who is almost into the tiger pit by this time. Using a batarang to secure a line, Batman swings down to the plank to release Robin. The two then leap to safety and battle it out with Catwoman's henchmen.

The Case

How much will Catwoman sacrifice to find the Lost Treasure of Captain Manx?