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"Nora Clavicle and the Ladies' Crime Club"

The trio track Clavicle down in a knitting needle warehouse, but she uses one of the needles to hold Batgirl hostage. She then forces the three of them into the Siamese Human Knot, a contorted mess of twisted arms and legs that will crush them to death if they make the slightest move.

The Escape

They barely dare to breathe, but then Batman remembers the formula for escaping the knot. He wiggles his ears, while Robin bends the fourth finger of his left hand. This somehow relaxes the pressure on their limbs so that Batgirl can remove one arm, and the whole knot falls apart.

The Case

Nora Clavicle gives the women of Gotham City the liberation they crave, but they are ill-prepared to handle their new responsibilities.