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"Fine Feathered Finks"

Bruce visits Penguin's umbrella factory to plant a bugging device, in order to learn his next move. But a detection alarm goes off, and Penguin puts Bruce to sleep with a gas umbrella. His thugs tie Bruce up in a net, and put him on a conveyor belt leading to a large furnace (usually used to forge umbrella ribs).


"For Batman's sake! Keep your bat fingers crossed until tomorrow!"

The Escape

The intense heat wakes Bruce up, but he is unable to get off the conveyor belt. Luckily, he can reach the cigarette lighter in his jacket. He throws it into the furnace, and the resulting explosion blows him onto the ground. He then gets out of his bonds and makes a run for it back to Stately Wayne Manor.

The Case

Penguin decides to let Batman plan his crimes for him.