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The Case Book

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95. Enter Batgirl, Exit Penguin

Barbara Gordon returns from college and has a date with Bruce, but is kidnapped by Penguin on her way home. Penguin threatens to kill her father if she doesn't agree to marry him, hoping to get criminal immunity if he's related to the Police Commissioner. Penguin sends his men out to kidnap a minister to perform the ceremony, but get Alfred instead. Barbara then slips out and changes into Batgirl, revealing her secret identity to Alfred. Batman and Robin find Penguin, but he knocks them out with umbrella gas. Batgirl follows and rescues everyone, then makes Alfred swear to keep her identity a secret.


Alfred gets in on a Bat-fight and dukes it out with Penguin.

96. Ring Around The Riddler

Riddler hopes to take control of all the prize-fighting in Gotham City with the help of Siren, who can hynotize men with her voice. To do this he disguises himself as the Middle Eastern champion, and goads Batman into fighting him in the ring.


When he steps into the ring with Riddler, Batman comments to Robin, "This is ridiculous. He's smaller than you are."

97. The Wail Of The Siren

Siren visits Commissioner Gordon and uses her voice to put him under her control. She orders him to find for her the secret identities of Batman and Robin by hiding in the Batmobile trunk. But Alfred finds him wandering around the Batcave, and puts him out with some Bat-sleep. Siren then gets control of Bruce and forces him to sign the Wayne fortune over to her, and Robin and Batgirl must stop her on their own.


The debut of the Batgirl theme song!

98. The Sport Of Penguins

Lola Lasagne, and olf friend of Penguin's, intends to win the Bruce Wayne Handicap with her horse, Parasol. But the proceeds are going to charity, and because Parasol is the favorite, they can't make much money by betting on her. So, they decide to get an old horse and switch them with a coat of paint, so they can bet on the long shot and make a fortune.


Penguin tries to steal a book from the library, but is frightened off by sharp-tongued Barbara.

99. A Horse Of Another Color

Penguin returns to the library and steals a rare folio of parasols, then sells it for $10,000. Lola gets all other horses removed from the race, so the diguised Parasol has no chance of losing. To put a stop to their plan, Bruce enters his own thoroughbred, Waynebo, to be ridden by Batgirl.


When Batgirl confronts Penguin, he calls for his men, and tells them to "ride her like a filly!"

100. The Unkindest Tut Of All

Poor Professor MacElroy is hit on the head by a brick while at a love-in, and reverts to his other personality, King Tut. He begins publicly predicting crimes, supposedly so that the police can stop them in time, in order to gain their trust. He also tries to expose Bruce as Batman's secret identity, but is foiled by the bat-dummy and some amazing ventriloquism.


Gordon answer a phone at his desk: "You don't don't say? You don't say!"
Barbara: "Who was it?"
Gordon: "He didn't say."

101. Louie, The Lilac

Louie hoards all the flowers in Gotham so that there is a shortage at the flower-in, then gives plastic lilacs to all the flower children. He also hypnotizes and kidnaps their Princess Primrose so that he will appear to be their friend.


Batman and Robin are almost eaten yet again, this time by man-eating lilacs.

The Trap and Escape

102. The Ogg And I

Egghead and Olga kidnap Commissioner Gordon with a hot air balloon outside his office, and demand as ransom a dime for every egg eaten in Gotham City. Olga then steals the Brass Samuvar of Genghis Khan from the Bessarovian embassy, along with Batman and Robin, who were hiding inside it. With Alfred's help, Batgirl sets out to find her father by smelling all over the city for his distinctive brand of aftershave.


Batman, Robin, and Batgirl break down and start bawling after getting hit with a few tear gas eggs. Batman is reduced to wiping his eyes with his cape.

103. How To Hatch A Dinosaur

After narrowly escaping last time, Olga and Egghead enter the Gotham City Radium Centre and steal two pounds of radium. They plan to use it to hatch a forty-million year-old neosaurus egg that they also steal. Egghead hopes that the powerful neosaurus will help him take over the entire city. But Batman tricks them into surrendering by coming out of the egg in a neosaurus costume and scaring them into the paddywagon waiting outside.


Batman displays even more foresight than usual, when he somehow manages to be inside the egg in costume while it was in plain view of the Cossacks the whole time.

104. Surf's Up! Joker's Under!

Joker kidnaps local surfing legend Skip Parker, and uses a device to steal all his surfing knowledge and ability. He hopes to win the World Surfing Championship and gain the adoration of all the surfers so they will help him take over Gotham City. But Batman learns of his scheme and challenges him to the title, after he and Robin are nearly turned into surfboards.


It's a good day for dressing up, as Batman puts on his baggies, Dick tries on beach digs, Gordon and O'Hara go undercover as beach bums, and Barbara sports a very revealing swimsuit.

The Trap and Escape

105. The Londinium Larcenies

After a series of fog-covered robberies in Londinium, Batman and Robin are asked by the First Minister to investigate. They pack the Batmobile and other crime-fighting equipment in a large crate that supposedly contains Dick Grayson's school supplies.

After arriving, they meet with Superintendent Watson of venerable Ireland Yard, who mentions a superb aftergrass lawn (also known as a fog lawn) owned by a Lord Ffogg. Batman makes the connection, and asks if they might pay him a visit, claiming that he would like to compare Lord Ffogg's lawn with that of his friend, Bruce Wayne. And after taking a tour of the premises, Robin discovers that Batman's suspicions were quite correct.


Alfred sets up the dungeon of a country manor house to be the temporary Batcave. Apparently he was in a bit of a hurry, or else he just didn't have the stomach to pull the decaying skeletons down off the walls.

106. The Foggiest Notion

Back at venerable Ireland Yard, Batman receives an exploding package containing three silver bells, and he recalls a pub called The Three Bells is somewhere in the city. The head off, and the underaged Robin has to wait outside while Batman enters to find Lord Ffogg and his highwaymen waiting for him. Back outside, the young girls from Ffogg's finishing school mob Robin and easily carry him off, being a gentleman he could hardly defend himself. Batgirl is also captured and paralyzed while investigating Lord Ffogg's secret Cricket Pavilion, where he keeps all his booty.


It's hard to understand how Barbara has kept her other identity a secret all this time. When she goes travelling, she brings her Batgirl costume in a suitcase clearly marked with the Batgirl ensignia on the side.

107. The Bloody Tower

Batman and Robin plan their attack on Ffogg Place, and decide to go in separately. While ambling across the lawn, Robin trips over a wire that releases an African death bee queen. Batman sneaks down into the dungeon to free Batgirl but ends up trapped with her. With the help of an old Indian rope trick, they escape and meet up with a shaken Robin just in time to race Lord Ffogg and Lady Peasoup to the Tower of Londinium, where they plan the steal the Crown Jewels.


The mixture of terror and disgust on Robin's face as four young ladies start pawing him.

108. Catwoman's Dressed To Kill

Catwoman is upset when she isn't named one of the best dressed women in Gotham City, and goes on a fashion-oriented crime spree. She steals the famous Golden Fleece from Queen Bess of Belgravia, and plans to ransom it back to her, knowing that the queen would be terribly shamed if she went home without it. To ensure Batman and Robin won't interfere, she kidnaps Batgirl and puts her in a deadly trap, believing that the Dynamic Duo's gallantry would force them to go rescue her.


Batman and Robin are hesitant to chase Catwoman into a women's dressing room, but after Batgirl rushes in and doesn't come out, they cover their eyes and enter. But, as Robin points out, they can't see anything with their eyes closed. Robin has to hang on to Batman's cape for guidance as they make their way through the room, making quite a mess as they go.

109. The Ogg Couple

Still trying to get enough dowry to marry Olga, Egghead helps her steal the Egg of Ogg and the Bul-Bul Silver Scimitar from a museum. They then steal a royal gift of dehydrated caviar from the National Bank, but Batgirl catches Egghead before he can get away on his mule. (Only Cossack warriors are allowed to ride horses, Olga tells him.) Batgirl convinces Egghead to lead her to their hideout by threatening to let the bank security guard kill him if he doesn't comply.


After rescuing Batgirl from drowning in a vat of caviar, Batman pulls a brush from his utility belt and starts cleaning off her costume.

110. The Funny Feline Felonies

After being recommended for parole by Bruce Wayne, Joker walks out of the prison and is "kidnapped" by Catwoman. In truth, they are working together, trying to find a million pounds of gunpowder hidden somewhere in the city two hundred years ago by the famous crook Garçon Maltese. But to find the way to the treasure, they have to steal a certain nightshirt and a baby cradle that he left behind as clues.


While Batman and Robin are talking in Commissioner Gordon's office, Catwoman fires a bullet through a window from a hotel across the street. Everyone immediately drops to the floor. Batman pulls a small four-wheeled platform from under Gordon's desk, and puts it under his stomach, allowing him to easily wheel around the room while staying out of danger. He later calls this the "Bat-creep".

111. The Joke's On Catwoman

Now in posssesion of all the clues, Catwoman and Joker go to the Phony Island lighthouse to find the stash of gunpowder. They are quickly rounded up by the Terrific Trio, but Catwoman uses her one phone call to arrange for legal representation with Lucky Pierre, greatest and luckiest criminal attorney.


We finally get to see the legal process that is usually glossed over following the arrest of a criminal. And it's a good one, with the District Attorney allowing Batman to handle the prosecution because of his familiarity with the case.

The Trap and Escape

112. Louie's Lethal Lilac Time

Louie the Lilac returns, this time intent on cornering Gotham's fragrance market. He steals a large chunk of ambergreas from Dick Grayson and his friends while at Bruce's beach house. Then he takes the two of them hostage so they will surgically remove scent pouches from some animals he stole from the zoo.


Bruce and Barbara chaperone Dick's party at the beach house. Seeing Dick and his friends returning from the beach, Bruce remarks, "We'd better get the hot dogs ready."

113. Nora Clavicle And The Ladies' Crime Club

With Mrs. Linseed's help, Nora Clavicle forces her way into office as the new commissioner of police. She fires all the policemen, hires policewomen, and tells Batman to take a vacation. Then she takes out a ten million dollar policy on Gotham City, and sends mechanical explosive-filled mice throughout the city, set to explode simultaneously. Using flutes and knowledge of the mice's guidance system, Batman, Robin, and Batgirl lead all the mice to the docks and into the water.


The new policewoman in charge of dispatch all but ignores any criminal goings-on, choosing instead to broadcast news of clearance sales and good prices on shoes.

The Trap and Escape

114. Penguin's Clean Sweep

Penguin breaks into the Gotham branch of the Mint, and plants a culture of lygerian sleeping sickness bacteria in the ink used for printing money. He then goes to Gotham General Hospital and gets innoculated before destroying the rest of the vaccine. Some of the infected money goes out to the populace, so Batman recommends to all citizens that they not handle any money at all. The streets are soon filled with money as people empty their wallets and purses, and Penguin and his men pick it up with giant vacuum cleaners. He then tries to spend the loot by calling people outside of the city, but Bruce Wayne has already gotten word to the entire world about the diseased cash.


To kill some deadly lygerian fruit flies, Batman pulls out the Bat-swatter, a long metal rod with a flapping rubber bat on the end.

115. The Great Escape

After getting freed from jail by his girlfriend, Shame boasts his plan to rob the Gotham Opera House in a letter to Batman. They meet him there and stop the robbery, but are incapacitated by fear gas. Shame takes Batgirl for insurance and plans his next move, while Batman and Robin recover their courage and try to guess where he's hiding out. They get there too late to catch him, but are able to arrest Frontier Fanny, who was left behind.


Still feeling the effects of the fear gas, Batman and Robin get extremely paranoid. First they think Alfred is trying to poison them, and then they start eyeing each other suspiciously.

116. The Great Train Robbery

With Batgirl taken prisoner by Shame and Barbara mysteriously disappeared, Batman agrees to a prisoner transfer. After a helpful comment from Chief O'Hara, they realize that Shame plans to rob the train that carries all the old bills out of town. Too late to stop the hold-up, Batman draws Shame out of hiding by challenging him to man-to-man unarmed combat.


As Batman heads out to his showdown with Shame, he grasps Batgirl's shoulders warmly in farewell.

117. I'll Be A Mummy's Uncle

King Tut discovers that there is a deposit of the incredibly rare metal Nilanium underneath Wayne Manor. He arranges to buy a small piece of land on the corner of the Wayne estate and hires some contractors to start a slant-mining operation. Batman and Robin realize what his intentions are, and arrange for Batgirl to meet them at the mine's entrance. King Tut and his men flee down the shaft in a mine car when the caped crusaders arrive, and they crash right through the wall of the Batcave! Tut fits the clues together and realizes that Bruce Wayne is Batman, but they are soon chased out and everything is forgotten after a healthy dose of Bat-nesia.


King Tut has a good time putting a beating on the Bat-dummies when he finds them in the Batcave.

118. The Joker's Flying Saucer

Joker fills the city with planted stories of an imminent Martian invasion, while he starts building his own flying saucer. To do so, he first has to steal a supply of the very light metal beryllium. On his way out of the Metals Research Wing of the Wayne Foundation, he captures Batgirl and Alfred (whom he assumes is a mad scientist). Alfred is forced to build the craft, but he manages to include a flaw that forces them to land for a waiting Batman and Robin after just a quick tour of the solar system.


A timebomb placed in the Batmobile ends up exploding in the Batcave. It destroys almost everything in it, and flings Batman (unhurt) up onto the atomic pile.

119. The Entrancing Dr. Cassandra

A new criminal is in town and commits six successful robberies in three hours with the help of her camouflage pills. She challenges Batman, Robin, and Batgirl to stop her at Spiffany's Jewelry Store, then uses her Alvino ray gun to turn them into two-dimensional living cut-outs. But they are restored by Alfred just in time to stop a major prison break engineered by Dr. Cassandra.


When Batman is out of action, Commissioner Gordon and Chief O'Hara decide to turn to the mysterious "voice" on the Batphone for help.

120. Minerva, Mayhem And Millionaires

Many Gotham millionaires become patrons of Minerva's Mineral Spa, not knowing that she is using her Deepest Secret Extractor to find out where they hide their riches. After hearing about the robberies, Batman immediately suspects Minerva, and he and Robin go in for a treatment. After escaping from a deadly pressurizer, Batman sends Alfred in to investigate incognito.


Good old Chief O'Hara managed to sprain his ankle playing ping-pong.