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"The Joker's Last Laugh"

Batman and Robin trace a deluge of counterfeit money to the Gotham City National Bank and investigate the new teller, Mr. Glee. When he does not laugh at one of Batman's "super-funny" jokes, Batman decides he must be a robot and puts him out of commission. Upon analyzing the robot's clothing in the Batcave, they find some comic book inks and determine that it must have come from a printing company newly purchased by a Mr. Whiteface.

Bruce then tries to get Whiteface (in actuality the Joker) to give him counterfeit money, claiming that he needs a million dollars to cover up his embezzlement from the Wayne Foundation. In exchange for the money, he offers a document that would make Joker Vice Chairman of the National Bank.


While talking to Joker, Robin sneaks into the room as planned. Bruce pretends to attack Robin to keep his 'embezzlement' secret, and stumbles about clumsily, as any millionaire would in a fight.

The Trap

Robin is about to be reunited with the four-colour strip from whence he came...