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"A Riddling Controversy"

With one final theft, Riddler has enough cash to pay Professor Charm for his demolecularizer, which can make any object disappear by scattering its molecules. He then delivers an ultimatum to the city, demanding that the city's fathers rescind all criminal statutes and embrace a state of citywide lawlessness, or he will make Police Headquarters disappear.

Batman is quick to respond, though, and without even knowing the nature of Riddler's device, he surmises that a bolt of lightning will render it useless. He then dumps 400 pounds of sodium dichloride over the building, causing a lightning strike at the exact moment the device was to go off.


Batman and Robin decipher Riddler's final clue pertaining to the location of his hideout through a dizzying string of conceptual leaps and assumptions that boggle the mind.

The Trap

Batman to be done in by his own vanity?