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"The Zodiac Crimes"

Joker appears in police headquarters to announce his Zodiac crime spree and steal a map of rare art treasures in Gotham City. Batman and Robin try to guess his next move by following the signs of the zodiac, but they didn't count on Joker breaking Penguin out of jail to help him!

Penguin is able to distract the dynamic duo while Joker makes off with two dazzling diamonds known as the Twins. But Penguin is later left behind by Joker and captured by Batman and Robin. They then theorize that his next theft will be at the museum, and they're correct, but Joker's beautiful assistant Venus surprises them with sleeping gas.


Batman reprimands Robin for dancing while they're trying to stop a kidnapping.

The Trap

It seems that in Gotham City, the debate rages on as to what is at the center of our solar system: the earth, the Sun, or a giant meteor!