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"The Bat's Kow Tow"

Catwoman holds Chad and Jeremy's voices up for ransom to England, but they're unwilling to pay. She then threatens to steal the voices of everyone in the world, which worries Batman greatly. Luckily, when Catwoman calls police headquarters to gloat over her apparent victory, Chief O'Hara records the call.

Upon investigating in the Batcave, Batman learns that three hair dryers were audible in the background when Catwoman called. This leads them to Mr. Oceanbringer's hair salon where justice prevails. Throughout all this, Chad and Jeremy suffer through their loss with lots of Aunt Harriet's tea.


Batman almost falls prey to Catwoman's throaty advances, but Robin enters and breaks it up just in time.

The Trap

What will Catwoman do with Batman's body once his mind's been erased?