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"The Penguin's Nest"

While out on parole, Penguin obtains hand-writing samples of Gotham's millionaires and is then desperate to get back into Gotham State Pennitentiary in order to hook up with Ballpoint Baxter, a master of forgery. Batman and Robin, wise to the plot, do all they can to keep Penguin out of prison!


Commissioner Gordon and Bruce Wayne are attending the same social function when Gordon must make a call to Batman. The Commissioner goes into a nearby phonebooth unaware that Bruce has followed him outside to the adjacent phonebooth to place a call of his own. Bruce calls Alfred in the Batcave and has the Commissioner's phone call relayed to the phonebooth. Luckily for Bruce, Commissioner Gordon didn't turn around.

The Trap

Ever wonder why the villains don't just shoot Batman? Here's the answer!