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"Marsha's Scheme Of Diamonds"

After a narrow escape from the altar, Batman and Alfred rescue all of Marsha's prisoners from her hideout. They return to the Batcave and perform several complicated calculations and radar sweeps to determine that Marsha is in the basement of the building they just left.

When they return, they succumb to Marsha's dozing gas. Then things get really strange.

Marsha dresses two toads up in tiny Batman and Robin costumes. She takes them to Commissioner Gordon's office, and has her Grand Mogul use his ventriloquism to make it appear as if the toads are speaking. Luckily, the real Batman and Robin escape from Marsha's lair and climb through Gordon's window to put an end to the foolishness.


When Batman and Alfred get in the Batmobile after leaving the church, they drive off with strings of tin cans attached to the rear bumper.

The Trap

Will Batman have to put a ladies' room in the Batcave?