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"The Devil's Fingers"

Famed pianist Chandell is in town to perform with Aunt Harriet, and while practicing at Wayne Manor three Scottish banshees rob the place. It turns out that the women are Chandell's assistants, helping him raise money to pay off his evil twin brother Harry. Commissioner Gordon calls Batman, but is dismayed to find that he's on vacation! During Chandell's performance, he uses a transmitter in his piano to set off a bomb in a nearby store, allowing his henchwomen to ransack it. Listening to the concert by radio, Bruce hears the off-key note and quickly calls Dick back into action.


When Bruce calls Dick back to the Batcave, he's in the middle of a date, mooning over the young Sally. He's reluctant to leave at first, but realizes that crimefighting must take precedence.

The Trap

Brains and brawn can only take you so far...