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"He Meets His Match, The Grisly Ghoul"

Joker places a $50,000 bet against Gotham's Woodrow Roosevelt High in the upcoming basketball game against Disko Tech. To ensure that the favored home team loses, Joker plants next week's college exam papers in the milk vending machine in the gym. When the team's star players buy milk, Joker is there to take a picture of them with the exams. With this evidence, the players will be suspended from the school, ensuring a victory for Disko Tech. Such a victory will net Joker $1,000,000!

Little does Joker know, however, a reformed Cheerleader Suzy has told Batman and Robin about his plan. The Dynamic Duo replaced the exam papers with fakes. There will be no suspensions!


Dick Grayson goes undercover to try and become a member of Joker's gang. Dick's bad-boy facade includes wearing a leather jacket and leather gloves, calling Cheerleader Suzy, Sue-baby and bad-mouthing Millionaire Bruce Wayne. His charade fails because he cannot smoke a cigarette without choking.

The Trap

Read about the incredible stroke of luck that saved the Caped Crusaders from being electrocuted!