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"Catwoman's Dressed To Kill"

Catwoman is upset when she isn't named one of the best dressed women in Gotham City, and goes on a fashion-oriented crime spree. She steals the famous Golden Fleece from Queen Bess of Belgravia, and plans to ransom it back to her, knowing that the queen would be terribly shamed if she went home without it.

To ensure Batman and Robin won't interfere, she kidnaps Batgirl and puts her in a deadly trap, believing that the Dynamic Duo's gallantry would force them to go rescue her.


Batman and Robin are hesitant to chase Catwoman into a women's dressing room, but after Batgirl rushes in and doesn't come out, they cover their eyes and enter. But, as Robin points out, they can't see anything with their eyes closed. Robin has to hang on to Batman's cape for guidance as they stumble through the room.